First Trailer For Gravity Will Fill You With Awe And Terror

By bill - May 10, 2013

gravity featHow fast can you go from beautiful to horrifying?

I know next to nothing about Alfonso Cuaron’s upcoming Gravity, but considering it’s the latest from the guy responsible for Children of Men, Y Tu Mama Tambien and the best of the Harry Potter series, I feel pretty confident when I say I’m dying to watch this movie, sight unseen.

Now I don’t have to, as we get an expectedly stellar trailer for the deep space drama.  The visuals on display here are stunning, and there’s an excellent sense of pace to this 90 second clip, which starts with some truly breathtaking shots of the two astronauts orbiting above Earth, before turning absolutely terrifying as they are set adrift in space after an accident. It’s all astonighingly effective, and has me very curious to see where, exactly, in the movie this scene takes place.

Gravity is slated to hit theaters on October 24th. It’s also, apparently, slated to be awesome.

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