New Trailer For Gravity Ups The Scary Factor

By bill - July 25, 2013

gravoity-featIn space, no one… you know the rest.

Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity is a must-see just based on who’s directing it.  But if having the guy responsible for the definition of a modern classic like Children of Men isn’t enough, this terrifying new trailer will probably sell you instead.

The latest trailer still doesn’t reveal much of the plot of the movie, but it focuses once again and with even more intensity how scary it would be to get lost in space… which is exactly what happens to Sandra Bullock’s character here.

It’s freaky, and very scary to put yourself in her head here, and of course the entire thing still looks breathtakingly gorgeous, too.  I loved The Conjuring— a movie that many film fans claimed gave them nightmares.  I didn’t lose any sleep over that excellent movie, but Gravity… I think this one will probably haunt me after I leave the theater.

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