Transformers BotBots Series Two Is Invading Stores

By kastor417 - April 7, 2019

The newest series of BotBots from Hasbro’s Transformers world is arriving now to stores, and it is full of fun new Transformers for young and old. 

I will admit before Hasbro surprised us with this box I only knew BotBots by name, nothing about them really. But after opening one, then two, then well all of the boxes I am hooked on these little things. The story of the BotBots is a cloud of Energon passed through a mall turing all the objects in to new Transformers. From soda cans to pieces of pizzas the BotBots are sure to be a hit.

They are quite clearly made for people with smaller hands, but they are still fun to play with as an adult. The challenge is to try to find them all, which is difficult considering multiples are in blind boxes. No way to feel up these boxes, with the multi-packs having one blind section of the package, and the blind box singles. They have a playfulness to them that are not bogged down with all the Transformers mythology. The transformations are simple and smooth, though at time parts will pop off but not to worry bc they are easy to pop right back on. The In-sole and Javasaurus Rex are two of my favorites because how can you not love a dinosaur and a throwback 80’s shoe, but the cleverness of the TP Itch and Clixx are equally cool.

These are out just in time for Easter and are perfect for the kid’s Easter baskets. Thanks again to Hasbro for sending these along for review.

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