The Transformers Are Turning 35!

By kastor417 - May 29, 2019

For most of my life, at least that I can remember, there has been Transformers in the world. To celebrate that long life, Hasbro sent over a box of free toys to reminds us why it has the staying power.

I can’t lie I love getting free toys, and Hasbro has been amazing to us the last few weeks. This giant Transformers box is nothing short of amazing. but genius of the box is showing how Transformers has stayed at the top of kids lists for almost three generations now. When I was growing up there was just Transformers, metal and plastic toys that sort of looked like the cartoon we watched every day after school. They were pretty sturdy, but not sure I would give them to super young kids today. The vehicle modes usually look great, in the case of Megatron too great, but the robot never lived up to the walking talking bots on TV.  As I got older I wanted something better, and over the years Hasbro has improved all the retail lines. Yes, I said lines because Transformers has grown to have something for almost any age.

This box shows off the Bot-bots (smaller kids and scratches that collector itch), Cyberverse (for the new fans), Bumblebee toys (something for everyone) and the Generations line (geared to collectors of G1). I can’t think of a property that is doing more to hook they young and at the same time give something creative and true to the original fans.

Being a G1 kid I can say that even though my favorite lines might be around in some form, Transformers (well Star Wars too) keeps things fresh and reinvents itself and remains a retail line. I can’t tell you how many Optimus Prime’s I have at this point, but each gives us something new we did not have before. Each time Prime comes closer and closer to the cartoon look we all fell in love with as kids.


Thank you again to Hasbro for this Promo box of free figures!

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