TriForce Unveils Their SDCC Catwoman Trophy

By jason - June 19, 2012

TriForce announced their San Diego Comic Con exclusive today – a 1:1 scale Catwoman version of their insanely cool riddler trophies.  Just like in Arkham City, the trophy will glow pink thanks to built in USB-powered LED effects (although, unlike the game, these will not electrocute you when you try to grab them).

Similar to the existing green Riddler trophies, these hand-painted polystone pieces measure 19″ tall, weigh a hefty 8 pounds, and are absolutely incredible looking.  TriForce will be offering con-exclusive pre-orders at their SDCC booth (#2846) — it’s really worth swinging by their booth anyway just to see how great their items look up close.  The Catwoman trophy will set you back $400 (including the $100 non-refundable deposit) and will ship the 4th quarter of 2012.  Click the image below to check it out in it’s high-res glory:

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