TV Korner: Breaking Bad 5.09- “Blood Money”

By kastor417 - August 12, 2013

Breaking Bad 509Walter White returns for his final run on AMC’s Breaking Bad. The final 8 episodes of the critically acclaimed series started off with a bang giving fans one of the best showdowns in the history of the show.

Breaking Bad has a way of giving fans just enough future knowledge to make to crave more, and the show’s opening to the final eight episodes did just that. Last year we saw a grizzled Walter with a new name traveling and buying very large weapons. This year picks up with that piece of the story and show where he was going with the new arsenal, home.

The White home is not what it used to be, it is now gated and locked up with police tape. The pool is being used by local kids to skateboard, and the inside is trashed. There is also some new art on the walls, Heisenberg, Walter’s alter ego. With in the first few minutes of the show we know everything has come crashing down on the White family, and even with that knowledge it is hard to not want to know just how they got there and where is everyone else.

The hour long return catches fans up on all the living characters. Jesse is rich, off his own product, and depressed. The events of last season have rendered him almost a zombie, and make it seem like he may be looking for a permanent way out of his life. Skyler is running the business, handling the kids, and protecting Walt from old allies. Hank has finally seen the light and is finally putting the puzzle together after all this time. Finally Walter is back on chemo and battling for his old life back outside of Heisenberg.

And inline with the show there was a huge oh my god, moment when Walter and Hank square off, it was a long time coming and did not disappoint. The show ended with Walt laying out a plan for Hank and subtly warning his brother in-law to “tread lightly”. Has Walt turned the corner and become his alter ego completely?

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