TV Korner: DC’s Legends of Tomorrow 1.15 – “Destiny”

By patricksmith - May 19, 2016

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Rip and the Legends really go off script in “Destiny.”

Sci-fi hijinks are on the menu, but it’s hardly the main course.  Instead, “Destiny” serves up some world building, followed promptly by some world-destroying.

The longest sequence is a big sci-fi prison break (see: Guardians of the Galaxy.) There’s also a humorously out of place retro-pop music insert (see also: Guardians of the Galaxy.) The special effects at work are some of the best of the series, and certainly the best of the CW’s shared universe.  The Vanishing Point is visually stunning and gives the conflict scale’ without which the plot twist probably wouldn’t work.  Usually I’m tempted to discount “Bwahaha! This was our evil plan all along!” plot twists; but the cast, especially Ray, Rip, and Mick, give this one emotional context.  Time is take to let the new information settie, and it’s time well spent as we’re able to see how each character reacts.  Our investment in their emotional state gives their drastic decision punch, and each action and reaction is made stronger as a result.

Final Word: “Destiny” bets on its characters, and wins big because of it.  A clichéd plot twist and the ultimate deus ex machina threatens to derail the narrative, but a strong cast of characters and just the right amount of emotional downtime means we can really connect with the significance of what’s revealed.  The Firestorm storyline comes full circle in a satisfying way that recalls back to episode one without affecting the rules of the narrative.  The biggest thing that “Destiny” has the guts to do though is allow tragedy, though it might be too early for that praise.

“Destiny” gets a 9/10.  Impressive visuals give this hail mary in space presence, but great acting and pacing that considers emotional impact gives it depth.   

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