TV Korner: Doctor Who – Three Things to Take Away from “Dark Water” (Season 8, Ep. 11)

By staff-writers - November 10, 2014

We are fast coming to the end of Peter Capaldi’s first season as the Doctor! This episode was massive pickup from last week’s forest-themed episode.

Hello Puddin’ Heads:

Are they going to kill Danny off? One can hope. “Clanny” (Clara and Danny) are sucking some of the air out of the show. But let’s talk about the fun that was in this episode.

Also, I am going to discuss two other “Who-related” things that are not related to this episode.


About three years ago, I wrote a blog asserting my displeasure of how John Simm played the Master. I said this:

I just don’t get him acting goofy. The Master is the sort who will drink tea, own fine art and would never dirty himself among the unwashed heathens. He is an aristocrat hiding his depravity. Simm was just pure depravity.


But now we have a new Master (Michelle Gomez). He has been recast as Missy, the Dolores Umbridge of the Afterlife, which is an interesting direction. Of course, the question will the Master’s return as Missy be explained?




Now what’s fascinating about Michelle Gomez? In real life she is married to actor Jack Davenport. He was underused in those “Johnny Depp Keith Richard pirate” movies as Keira Knightley’s admiral fiance. However, I became of Jack Davenport playing the lead in the British sitcom “Coupling.”

“Coupling” was what brought Stephen Moffat to the attention of America when the show aired on PBS stations. A slew of DOCTOR WHO jokes were made in the series and showed the type of writer Moffat could be.

As an aside, I always thought Davenport should’ve played Arthur Dent in the 2005 THE HITCHHIKER’S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY. The role went to other geek icon and Moffat collaborator – Martin Freeman.



How great is it to see these guys back? My favorite moment was watching Capaldi see the Cybermen for the first time. His reaction as of genuine fear as if he was the one who faced the Cybermen thousands of times in the past.

It was pure scary and frightful and awesome.


Now on to two Doctor Who points that are non-episode related:


It was exciting to see David Tennant on “The Late Show with David Letterman” on Wed. Oct. 29 (same episode with Jim Carrey). In recent memory, this is the first time that a “Doctor Who” actor appeared on his show.

Instead, the interview was horrible.

Tennant was classy and went along with it. Letterman was condescending and seemed bored and uniformed. He spent most of the interview discussing how drunk Scots get and so on.

Here’s the interview, but I had to say it was awful.



5. Like Father, Like Son

Sean Pertwee is his father’s son. His father was, of course, Jon Pertwee, the Third Doctor. He has his father’s face and there were all kinds of hopes he would play the Third Doctor in the 50th Anniversary.

The only difference is his he has a gravely voice, whereas his father had a smooth melodious voice. Sean Pertwee has gone on to have a distinguished career playing LeStrade on ELEMENTARY and Alfred in GOTHAM. Dig this photo, doesn’t he look Time Lordish?

So on Halloween, Sean Pertwee posted this photo:

Let’s put this photo into some context:

That is really, really cool!

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By- Don Smith


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