TV Korner: Doctor Who – Five Things to Take Away from “Into the Dalek” (Season 8, Ep. 2)

By staff-writers - September 5, 2014

dr who 801Hello again Whovians, Who-ters, Who-ligans and Puddin’ Heads! Let’s travel “Into the Dalek”…

1. Love the Opening Graphics, Not the Music.

Listen to the orchestration of the opening music of Seasons 1 through 7. Excellent! It sounds like a full chorus! This new opening sounds like this was done on a single keyboard (or theremin) in somebody’s office.

I would like it to have more depth, because the Doctor certainly deserves a theme with depth.

2. Delivery of the Dialogue.

I will admit that new Doctor, Capaldi, has not hit his stride yet. He is doing well, but he is still trying to get comfortable with the character, I think. But this one thing, bugged me. There is some clever dialogue written, but he spouts it off so quickly he doesn’t let anyone react to it.

It’s just “SHOT-SHOT-SHOT!” and then on to the next thing.

He insults someone and the person slightly reacts to it. The problem is, as the viewer I miss it and have to view the episode more than once to pick up on it.


Remember this trailer from this Summer?

Everyone thought it was Davros. It was not. It was Rusty. The phraseology used in this trailer came straight from this episode, however, they really lowered the Dalek’s voice to make it sound like Davros. What does this mean?

I have no idea!


The Doctor realized that he can re-wire the Dalek’s brain and give him a “soul.” More or less, the Dalek is born hating, but thanks to the wiring of the hard outer shell, it keeps them always angry! The Doctor realizes, “Hey, wait! I can do something about this!” In this episode, he actually uses the phrase, “I am trying to save your soul.”

Part of me wondered if the Doctor would head to Skaro with some pamphlets and ask, “If you were exterminated tonight, do you know where you would spend eternity?”


Remember the second episode featuring the Eleventh Doctor – “The Beast Below”? That was the story of a giant space whale holding up a country-sized spaceship on his back. The Eleventh Doctor and Amy Pond ended up in the guts of the whale and had it vomit them out.

Now the Twelfth Doctor and Clara end up in the guts of a Dalek.

I believe the next incarnation of the Doctor should carry a disc of Tums the size of a manhole cover.

In Conclusion…

Peter Capaldi is still finding his footing. The first season of the new Doctor is always the toughest. There’s still the feel of the previous Doctor and you really root for the new one. Eventually, the “new” Doctor ends up finding his stride and becoming “someone’s favorite Doctor.” I still want to see Capaldi closer to the end of the season (heck even in Season 9) because he will finally be his own Doctor and quite comfortable in the role.

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By- Don Smith

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