TV Korner: Doctor Who – Five Things to Take Away from “The Last Christmas” (Season 8, Christmas Special)

By staff-writers - December 29, 2014

Merry Christmas, Puddin’ Heads!

It’s been a month, since I last posted! I hope this has been a good month or so! Now, the Christmas Special “Last Christmas” has come and gone! Let’s jump in to Five Things to Take Away from this special!


When this special begins, it has a trippie feel. It take several minutes for it to get moving. However, when it does, it is worth it.

This is the sort of episode, that needs to be watched more than once.



One of the elves was played by Dan “Strax” Starkey.

Remember him as this:

Also, actor Michael Troughton (in mid chew here), son of Patrick Troughton – the Second Doctor, appears on this.

(Also his brother David was in the episode “Midnight” during season 4).

Also, this doesn’t count, but it can be put here anyway. The movie ALIEN is mentioned and, of course, John “the War Doctor” Hurt starred in that.

Either way, it is nice to see DOCTOR WHO connected with other famous science fiction movies!



Quick sum up of this episode:

Clara wakes up to hear Santa and two elves arguing on her apartment roof. The Doctor appears and the two of them take the TARDIS to a base on the North Pole where they meet four explorers. The four are dealing with face-hugger like creatures called Dream Crabs.

Each of them realize they are dreams within dreams and so on.

This episode had massive nods two major science fiction in this movie – John Carpenter’s THE THING and, of course, ALIEN. Sure, there is the “dream within a dream within a dream” silliness that came from Christopher Nolan’s INCEPTION, but I like these more classic science fiction movies.

When, Shona (played by Faye Marsay) wakes up in her home, she shows off the above list. We see ALIEN, MIRACLE ON 34TH STREET, and THE THING (or an early version thereof) mentioned. It reminds me of the “Pandorica” episodes where we see Roman soldiers, Pandora’s Box an Stonehenge were all used to fuel Amy Pond’s dream.

Also, another nod – “Thrones”, aka GAME OF THRONES, will also star current DOCTOR WHO behind-the-scenes-and-SHERLOCK-stalwart Mark Gatiss.



Actress Natatlie Gumede played Ashley Carter and she seems to have been a hit. All up and down #DoctorWho it said, “She should be the next companion!”

Throughout the last season, I was hard on Clara (“Clanny” sucked a lot of the air out of this season) but she would have rocked as a companion. However, Clara is in for the next season.



Ehhh…I’m not sure. According to most sites, it just says “2015.” I believe this means Aug. 2015 or early Sept. In the meantime, we do have this previous season to go back and watch.


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By- Don Smith

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