TV Korner: Doctor Who – Five Things to Take Away from “Time Heist” (Season 8, Ep. 5)

By staff-writers - September 26, 2014

HELLO PUDDIN’ HEADS: What are five things to take away from “Time Heist”? Let’s check ’em out here:



In this episode we once again have the mind wipe worms! Remember them from the episode “The Snowmen.” They were used as a bit of a source of humor with Strax, but in this episode they were used as a serious plot device.


However, it more reminded me of “The Beast Below episode.” Remember when Amy chose to forget the Starship UK was actually on the back of the space whale?

Well, same sentiment here.



Psi: Still don’t understand why you’re in charge.
The Doctor: Basically, it’s the eyebrows.

Ever since “The Day of the Doctor” when Capaldi made his first DOCTOR WHO appearance:

It’s been all about the eyebrows!

Heck, they even appear in the opening credits!

If the Ninth Doctor is all about the ears, the Tenth Doctor is all about the Sticky-Uppy Hair,and the Eleventh Doctor is known for the chin – the Twelfth Doctor is all about the eyebrows!




Before becoming the Doctor, Capaldi was known as Malcolm Tucker (a character I was unfamiliar with. I suppose I should get around to watching them). Tucker was known for cursing up a storm. He would use a certain word, that rhymes with “truck” and he would stretch it out, so the word would rhyme the word “truckity.”*

It was only a matter of time before some nod was written into Doctor Who. It came about with “Shut up! Shutitty up!”

*NOTE: My mother reads my stuff.



There was so much about this episode that reminded me of GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY and the creature canteen scene from STAR WARS EPISODE IV: A NEW HOPE. When they introduced this guy, he was pretty cool to see! One of the “iffy” aspects about DOCTOR WHO is their reliance on computer generated creatures. You can almost see the green screen, but I love that we could see the mask for what it is.

I referred to this guy as “horseshoe head.” I am sure some intergalactic progressive group will say I am being politically incorrect.

Yeah, I could care less too.



And the final thought for regarding this episode is the cool Doctor Squee over at the GALLIFREY STANDS podcast. We have been going back forth on Twitter and chatting Doctor Who! Is real gift is the way he searches out fan-made projects and interviews the hard work that went into them!

Check out his podcast here and visit him on Twitter here.

Tell him I say hello!


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By- Don Smith

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