TV Korner: Being Human 3.04 – “I’m So Lonesome I Could Die”

By kastor417 - February 4, 2013

The Wolves lose their new cub, our zombie gets a job, and the vampire goes on a bender. Things are getting intense on Being Human. 

Aidan is having trouble adjusting to this new world filled with tainted blood, and his hunger may end up being his down fall. After losing Henry to the virus, Aidan does what many people do after losing a loved one, he tries to drown his sorrows. His young appearance allows him to fit in with the local college crowd, and he decides that a raging frat party is just what he needs to get through his grief. He is feeding on anyone he can get alone, even though it could kill him. All this rolling of the dice with his dinning choices catches up to him when he tries to sleep off the long night of partying only to find Sally on top of him with a stake to his chest. They have a deep discussion talk about the life of an undead person. Both agreeing that life is worth living even their altered forms and look for new ways to live.

Speaking of Sally, she decides it’s time to find a direction to her newly revived life. What better place for a formerly dead person to find a job than a funeral home. Sally finds more than a new employer at the funeral home, she finds a possible love interest. Will Max survive an encounter with the recently reanimated Sally, or will be become a meal for the witch? Only time will tell.

Finally the wolf pack may be down a member thanks to Nora’s brother. Nora decides to visit her family for her mother’s birthday alone, but Josh insists on meeting the future in-laws. Before he can propose Josh wants to ask for permission from Nora’s father, and what better time than a birthday party. Josh gets glimpse into Nora’s life and why she is so guarded as a human and savage as the wolf. Even though the night is difficult the real issue is when Nora’s brother RJ comes over to visit the house of monsters, and tries to hook up with Erin. Josh comes home to find RJ hooking up with Erin in her room, and like any father he goes after the boy. The fight puts Josh in a bad position with both Nora and Erin, but an even bigger issue is Erin running away after the fight.

A young werewolf out on her own, Aidan still looking for a food source, and Sally dealing with her new life all adds up to trouble in the monster house.

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