TV Korner: Being Human 3.05 – “Get Otta My Dream, Get Into My Mouth”

By kastor417 - February 11, 2013

Bubbles, mothers, and josh showing a back bone all make for a fun trip to the monster house this week on Being Human. 

The hunger is making Aidan see things, mostly the co-eds he killed last season when he was trying to heal Henry. Even though they are only in his head, he is having a hard time focusing on anything because they barely clothed and covered in blood. Aidan finds a solution to his problems even with the distracting co-eds, a boy in a bubble. Kenny is stuck in a clean room at the hospital because of an immunodeficiency problem, giving Aidan a supply clean blood he needs to survive. Aidan starts to sneak a vial of blood, telling Kenny it is for blood tests, but the bubble boy starts to put things together and figures out Aidan’s secret. Even though Aidan is almost able to throw Kenny off track. The blood gives Aidan the strength he needs to fight off a small pack of wolves, but it also puts him on Liam’s radar. Aidan lets down his guard and dozes off while watching a movie, when he wakes up he can’t hide the black eyes and fangs.

Meanwhile in the zombie world Sally is taking her relationship with Max to new levels but has to contend with an over protect dead mom. Max’s Mom, who has been watching over her son long after her death, is turning the table on the former ghost by haunting and possessing Sally. Sally uses her own knowledge of the dead to protect herself and win back her man, but only time will tell if a zombie human love can last.

Finally the wolves are searching for their lost cub, and run into Liam,  who gives them some bad news. Thanks to Aidan’s feeding giving him ability to take on the wolves, he is now on the wolves radar. Nora and Josh have a choice, kill aidan or they will be killed. Nora is not as close to Aidan and entertains the offer to kill Aidan, but Josh steps up to protect his friend. Josh confronts Liam at his hotel with a gun making it clear that Aidan is family and he is not to be touched. This is a side of Josh we rarely see, but nice to show that through all the changes the bond between Aidan and him is still strong. Liam tracks down Erin, and tells Josh to protect his family better than he protected his own.

All of this is leading to some big show downs as the show inches toward the end of the season.


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