TV Korner: Being Human 3.07 – “One Is Silver, The Other Pagan ”

By kastor417 - February 27, 2013

Being-Human-307-Kastors-KorAidan is expecting, the wolves are in morning, and Sally is decomposing this week at the monster house. Check out what happened this week on Syfy’s Being Human.

Aidan survives his encounter with the wolf cub Erin, but ends up putting her in the hospital. Josh finds the two laid out on the floor of the living room, and rushes Erin to the hospital, where she spend the episode in critical condition. When Nora finds out that Aidan struck Erin, she loses it accusing Josh of taking sides and acting like an over protective mother wolf. Surprisingly no one notices Erin does not have any puncture wounds and the wooden steak next to her body point to her being the attacker not Aidan. In the end Liam who sneaks into Erin’s room and smothers her with a pillow, which will only fuel Nora’s hatred for Aidan. Josh is left a hard place having to support his partner, and still try to stand up for Aidan. Nora was willing to carry out Liam’s plan before anything happened to Erin, so will it come down to a fight between Josh and Nora or will he give up his friend ship with Aidan?

Sally reconnects with Bridget only to find out that she is now a Wicca. Bridget’s choice to join the coven is a result of Sally’s early haunting. Sally joins her at one of the Wicca meeting but because of her powers she can see ghosts hanging around looking to take advantage of the women at the meeting. Sally chases off the sprits but realizes her friend could be in danger so she passes on the necklace to protect Bridget from any more ghosts looking to possess her body. Feeling good about helping Bridget Sally discovers she is loosing some of her hair and some of her scalp along with it. Could her time to pay the witch with her soul be coming sooner rather than later?

Aidan also has to deal with a new young vampire trying to get in on his clean blood supply. Kenny allows Blake to feed from him in exchange for turning him, but Aidan puts a stop to it. Aidan makes a hard choice promising to turn Kenny when he turns 18 to keep Blake away from him. I have my doubts that Aidan will willingly turn Kenny, it maybe a result Aidan having to save Kenny from himself. In between all the vampire drama Aidan makes time to flirt with Nora’s friend Kat, and ask her out after helping fix a clogged drain and showing of his knowledge of New England in the Revolution.

Can Josh go through with proposing to Nora and keep Aidan in his life? Will sally fall to pieces and have to Join the cast of the Walking dead? We may find out some of those answers next week.

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