TV Korner: Being Human 3.08 – “Your Body Is A Condemned Wonderland”

By kastor417 - March 10, 2013

Being-Human-308-Kastors-Korner-e1362958030689The blood covered co-eds are not only in Aidan’s mind they are haunting the monster house, and that is just one of the big events of this episode of Sy-Fy’s Being Human.

There are many story lines occurring this season and in this episode they are starting to converge. The best episodes of the series have been when the trio have banded together to deal with issues, and this is the first episode this season that is happening in.

Aidan and Nora are getting along, but only for Josh. The relationship is not helped when the bloody co-eds start to mess with Josh and fill Nora in on why they are in the house. While Aidan is willing to do just about anything for Josh, Nora can’t seem to get past her own needs and might turn on Aidan if the circumstances are right. Aidan’s killing of Liam’s son has finally caught up with him. A date with Kat goes wrong when Liam shows up to politely kidnaps Aidan. When he willing goes along with the pack, Kat calls Josh to let him know what happened, which sends Josh into a panic.

Aidan’s loyalty is put to the test as Liam tortures him, but even when facing death, Aidan protects Nora. Just as Liam injects Aidan with tainted blood Josh is making his way through Liam’s home to save his friend. Josh arrives just in time to see the selfless act and saves his friend but at a cost, he is scratched by a wolfed out Liam.

Sally is falling apart and she does not know what to do, so she goes to the other walking dead, Nick. She asks for help and see if she is the only one turning into a zombie, but is ushered out the door when the pet cat comes home. Nick catches the cat and we find out that the only way to stop the decomposing is to eat living things. Sally decides is it time to tell her love what is going on, when she needs to steal some of the molding wax from the funeral parlor. When she tells Max he is stunned, but surprisingly he accepts he is dating a zombie, and helps to cover up the loss of skin.

Will Josh be a more in-control wolf?  Will Aidan survive the season?  And will Sally start eating people and move to Georgia?

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