TV Korner: Being Human 3.10 – “For Those About to Rot”

By kastor417 - March 19, 2013

Being Human 310 Kastors KornerThis week was all about the hunger within at the monster house. See what our favorite supernatural beings are up to in Syfy’s Being Human.

Aidan is feeling better and exploring his newly found freedom from the virus, but he is not in control. Aidan wakes up in an alley alone and shoeless, when he goes home he can’t remember what happened. Throughout the episode, he wrestles with his attraction to Kat, and flashes back to his life in the colonies. This has been a season of learning about Aidan as a colonist, much different than his previous flash backs. Seeing him as a human, and dealing with life shows how this man as grown into a vampire with a conscious. After a second awkward date, which included running into Kat’s ex boyfriend, talking about having kids, and turning her down because of his vampire side, they seem like there is a future for these two.

Meanwhile out in the woods Josh is trying to contact his inner wolf and exploring meditation with Pete, but is called away to help Sally with some problems. Sally finally fills Josh in on the whole zombie thing, and she opens up over an open grave in the woods for Nick’s dead body. They bury him and realize that Stevie may also have the cravings. When duo go to Stevie’s parents’ house looking for information on the trouble reanimated teen, they are surprised to see him home alone. As Sally tells him about her and Nick, Josh finds an arm in the cupboard, it seems Stevie already knows about the cravings. Stevie fills them on his hunger and his struggle to end his zombie life, and tries to eat Josh. Feeling some responsibility for Stevie, Josh agrees to help him end his hunger before he becomes a future Walking Dead cast member. As Stevie goes into the light of his door Sally notices his door is exactly the same as Nick’s, and she realizes something is not right. Now Sally is the only zombie left, but how long will it be before she can’t hold her cravings back anymore. Josh returns to Pete only to find him being drained by vampires. They go for Josh but realize he is under Aidan’s protection and knock him out. It’s a shame Pete is gone, he was a welcome change to the normal wolves on the show, but it will surely fuel Josh’s inner wolf.

The episode ends with Aidan alone in an alley, but this time we see that he has killed, and not just anyone– Kat’s ex-boyfriend.

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2 Responses to “TV Korner: Being Human 3.10 – “For Those About to Rot””

  1. How come Josh couldn’t see Stevie when he was a Ghost he can normally and now he can’t?

    • Josh was cured and only just got scratched. He has not turned yet so he can not see any ghosts until the full moon.