TV Korner: Being Human 3.11 – “If I Only Had Raw Brain”

By kastor417 - April 8, 2013

being human 311 Kastor's KornerThings are getting a little intense in the monster house when an old dead friend is back in Boston, a new vampire is born and dies, and a “muggle” learns of the monsters.

Sally spent most of the episode locked away in her room. She tries to get a meal out of Max, but she is quickly shot down from snacking on those waiting for burial. Sally decides it is best for everyone if she stays locked up, but her decomposition is increasing so Aidan offers up his own flesh to help her. It gets her by, but it is in no way a long term fix for the problem. Sally returns to the woman who tried to exercise her from the house in the first season, and finds out her death may be inevitable, but she can fight back and stop Donna. The woman is however killed in the last frames of the show by Ray, a zombie himself controlled by the witch.

Aidan spends most of the time in this episode with Kenny, allowing him to live his last day as a teenager. He was fed up with waiting and gave Aidan an ultimatum, turn him now to he will find someone to do it. Before he is turned Kenny wanted to spend his last day as a normal teenager. The two hang out in the park, talk about living forever and even take in a strip show. In the end Aidan turned Kenny, but will he survive the change, after what happens next that is not too certain. Aidan goes out for a walk to get blood after Sally’s snack and is confronted by Kat’s ex-boyfriend who seems to be some kind of wolf/vampire hybrid. He fights Aidan but in the end Aidan took him down, but not before he realizes who he is and what might have happened. This could be Kenny’s fate as well and is this the future of vampires after the virus?

Josh and Nora decide to wed before their family falls apart. Sally’s life or rather second life is coming to an end and Nora wants to her her by her side at the wedding. Nora sends Josh, Aidan, Kenny, and sister Emily for a night on the town for Josh’s bachelor party. The night ends up with Emily finding out truth about the creatures who live in the monster house when she walks in on Aidan staking a vampire stripper tying to feed on Josh.

Can Sally fight the Donna? Will Kenny be okay? Will Josh and Nora have a fairy tale life? Only time will tell in the monster house.

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