TV Korner: Being Human 4.8- “Rewind, Rewind…”

By kastor417 - March 4, 2014

Being Human 408This week Sally goes back in time and changes the present. Will she be happy in her new life, or was her ghost what held it all together in the monster house?

Anyone who likes time travel shows or movies knows the dangers of changing the past. This week Sally had the chance to stop Danny from throwing her down the stairs and turning her into a ghost. The problem is that without ghost Sally, the monster house falls apart.

With Sally unhinged from time, she is stuck in her past as her now alive body, and making changes. Over the last two seasons there were some flirty moments between Aidan and Sally, but nothing ever came out of them, until this week. Sally’s feelings for Aidan helped to keep him away from Marcus and Bishop, but it also did not allow Aidan to grow. In this alternate time he never stood up to Bishop and killed him, he lost his connection to Josh, and did not experience anything to make him the Aidan of our time line. Although the monsters are all user one roof, Sally changed it all and in trying to save them all heartache and drama, she created all new issues. Josh did not scratch Nora, he scratched Sally, and it did not help the couple bond. Aidan is so in love with Sally, he did not get the chance to take over Boston, protect Josh, and was not buried for a year. All the things that bonded the trio together over the last four years has been changed, and that is their real strength.

The show ended with Sally striking her head on the pavement, killing her and turning her into a ghost again. But without her spells and experience can she go back to the past again and allow Danny to kill her to protect the real future?

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