TV Korner: Sleepy Hollow 1.06- “The Sin Eater”

By kastor417 - November 5, 2013

Sleepy Hollow 106 Kastor's KornerThe Horsemen has returned and Abbie finally meetsĀ Katrina in this week’s Sleepy Hollow.

The show opens with the kidnapping of Crane and Katrina reaching out the Abbie to save her missing husband. Crane is taken by the modern Masons, who try to make sure Crane is who he says he is by comparing his story of the past with Katrina’s journal. We learn through the story about Crane’s first meeting with Abbie and what cause him to change sides during the Revolution. It seems the show might be borrowing from NBC’s Grimm with Crane being able to see a person’s true form. Crane has to make a choice once he is confirmed, live and allow the Horseman to live to kill himself and taking the Horseman to his grave because of the connection they share.

Meanwhile the Mills sisters are on the hunt to find Crane, with a little help from Katrina. Katrina visited Abbie, to tell her she has to find her husband and bring a Sin Eater with her. The Sin Eater will clean Crane’s soul of sin and break the connection with the Horseman. The sisters are able to find the man they are looking for, but he has given up his days of helping those move on from their sins. He is reluctant to help, but after getting a glimpse into Abbie’s mind, he tells the sisters where to find Crane.

The girls find Crane but just in time to see him take the poison offer to him by the Masons to stop the Horseman. And in Sleepy Hollow style the Sin Eater arrives just in time to free Crane of the poison and the sins he has held onto all these years. With the Horseman cleansed from Crane, the sitters and Crane maybe able kill him at their next meeting, or has this made him even more powerful?

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