TV Korner: Sleepy Hollow 1.07- “The Midnight Ride”

By kastor417 - November 11, 2013

107_sleepy hollow Midnight Ride Kastor's KornerThis week On Sleepy Hollow the Death returns for his head, and Captain Irving finally gets the proof he needs to by into everything going on in his town.

After weeks of watching the most amazing things occur, the most horrific deaths, and weird events Irving comes face to neck with the Horseman of death. He can no long deny that there is more going on than meets the eye, and helps Crane and Mills take down the Horseman.

The duo have to track down info on the Horseman to take him down, which is currently held by the Masons of Sleepy Hollow. Both arrive just in time to see the Horseman with the heads of the Masons and the info riding off into the night. With Crane no longer connected to the Horseman there is no telling what will happen, and the two are unsure what to do about Death. Crane remembers that a book was carried by Paul Revere during the Revolution,  that must include the secrets the Masons were hiding. They are able to get a copy on-line, something Crane has no idea of it meaning, and are able to figure out one of the Horseman’s weaknesses. With the help of Irving the duo lead the Horseman into a trap capturing him.

While this week was short on real events, most of the time spent looking for things, it was full of little fun moments. Crane realizes that people in this time pay for water, and is appalled. He also busts in a museum tour on Revere, correcting the guide on all the information being told to children. Crane is amusingly confused and frustrated by a laptop by losing the document he was deciphering, over printing said document, and learning about online chat rooms. Finally he is filled in on Thomas Jefferson’s extra-marital affairs with slaves and is shocked by having one of his own quotes stolen by Jefferson. There have been such heavy shows in the past few weeks so a lighter fun show with great action was refreshing mid way through the season. Many shows tend to get bogged down with filler or unnecessary exposition at this point, but Sleep Hollow moved the story along with some fun.

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