TV Korner: Sleepy Hollow 1.11- “The Vessel”

By kastor417 - January 15, 2014

111-006-sleepy-hollow-vesselMills and Crane have to face one of the deadliest agents of Moloch, the problem is the demon is inside Irving’s daughter, Macey.

The show may be about Abbie and Ichabod, but the supporting cast has time to shine it makes a much better show. This week the focus is on Irving and Jenny and their connection to a person hoping demon named Ancitif. Moloch sent this demon to try to get the Washington Bible from the witnesses, and choose Macey’s body as the final vessel to get it. Knowing that a parent’s love is greater than anything Moloch knew that threatening Irving’s daughter would get him what he needs. It turns out the key to defeating Moloch is in the pages of the book, but no one knows where to find the answers.

Irving is sent a wild chase to find Ancitif, but because he can jump bodies it was impossible to find the demon. It felt a lot like the the film Fallen with Denzel Washington this week, but it was just a short bridge to get us to the finale next week. Half the episode was focused on Irving and his family, and the other half dealt with Jenny’s past.

We finally learn why she has been in and out of jail and psych wards all her life. It turns out that Ancitif possessed Jenny as a teen, and wanted to kill Abbie to stop her from becoming the witness in the future. With the help of Corbin she was able to rid herself of the demon, but not the evil inside. She still had the drive to hurt Abbie, so every time that feeling came up she would get in trouble, getting herself locked up for a while.

The team figures out that they need a special French Lantern to banish Ancitif back to hell. While Irving kept the demon at bay, the others tracked down the lantern and were able to trap and exorcise Ancitif from Macey.

The hour ended with the witnesses finding hidden messages inside the bible, kind of like Nic Cage in National Treasure, and learning Washington left a date after his death as a clue. With only two more hours left in the season, I wonder who will make it out alive in the finale next week.

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