TV Korner: Once Upon A Time 2.13 – “Tiny”

By staff-writers - February 10, 2013

Stephen Soudheim, American Composer and lyricist, wrote “The difference between a cow and a bean is a bean can begin an adventure.” ~Truer words have never been spoken, especially in the world on Storybrooke. How many adventures can one precious bean cause? Episode 13 is just the tip of the beanstalk.

With Rumple, Emma and Henry off to New York City to find Rumple’s long lost son, Snow and Charming must enlist Grumpy and a Hook to help them locate Cora. The pirate leads the crew to his invisible ship. They find the giant Anton, magically shrunk to human size, trapped in a wooden cage. Hook had once told Emma that the giant at the top the famous beanstalk was “the strongest and most terrible” of all the giants. This was actually a tall tale. Anton, the guardian of the golden compass, is actually the runt of his giant litter, who is given the nickname “Tiny” by his family.

Charming wants to awaken the giant to find out what he knows about Cora’s plans. They begin to question him and all is going well when the giant spots Charming. Anton gets red with rage, shouting that the prince will pay for the evil he’s done.  What is Charming hiding in his past? What did he do to anger the giant?

Thanks to the help of a magic cake, the giant returns  to his true size.  Before long, the Giant unleashes his vengeance on the town causing destruction in his wake.The giant truly believes that Charming is his evil twin brother James. It was James and Jacqueline,”the Giant Killer”, who years ago tricked the giant and killed his entire family.  What a dangerous case of mistaken identity!

Snow, Charming and Grumpy devise a plan to lead him away from town. They realize they’re heading for the town line.  Charming offers Anton his surrender in exchange for the safety of the town.  Anton agrees while stomping down on Charming creating a huge hole. Suddenly, the magic of the mushroom wears off and the giant seems to disappear. They look down the hole and see Anton regular sized again and clinging to a pipe over a never ending hole.

The town folk must join together to rescue Anton before he falls to his death. Charming is lowered down into the hole to save him.  Charming tells Anton  that he doesn’t know what his brother did, but not all humans are like him. Anton is truly grateful for Charming and town saving him.After such a close call, everyone returns to Granny’s and tell Anton to think of Storybrooke as his new home. Anton wonders if the people of Storybrooke ever want to go home-to their real home.  They tell him they miss it but sadly have no way to get back. Anton informs them that he can grow beans. With these beans they would have a way back.

Meanwhile at the hospital, Greg runs into Belle . He tells her that he’s a patient too; he  was driving the car in the accident. He overheard her talking about the guy with the ball of fire He wants her to know she isn’t crazy; he saw it too.

As the episode ends, viewers are left to wonder; Who is Rumple’s long lost son? How will he play out in the land of Storybrooke. Will the stranger and Belle figure out what is really going on in town, or will someone stop them before they get too close?

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