TV Korner: Once Upon a Time 2.15 – “The Queen Is Dead”

By staff-writers - March 10, 2013

out-215-kastors-korner-e1362957522320“The greatest prize often lies at the end of the thorniest path,” Soundheim Snow feels like her life is falling apart can she hold it together as the path gets harder to travel ? Is Snow White going dark?  Will Cora finally get her wish to destroy all that is good in Snow?

Snow gets a surprise birthday present, a tiara from her childhood maid, Johanna.  Snow instantly flashbacks to memories of her mother. Here, Snow’s mother, Queen Eva, reminds her to always be good and to do what is right. This touching mother/daughter moment is cut short and Snow’s mother collapses and falls seriously ill.

Young Snow is concerned-her mom isn’t getting better. Johanna suggests she consult with the Blue Fairy. The fairy gives Snow a candle which will save her mother’s life. The only consequence is that it will take someone else’s life.

Snow can’t bring herself to use the candle. The  Queen tells her she did the right thing by resisting the q to use darkness. She may not be meant to get better; this is the way life must go.  The Queen is proud of Snow for making a tough decision. She knows when Snow grows up she will be a great Queen.

Later,  Cora  privately confesses to poisoning Queen Eva. Cora disguised herself as the Blue Fairy to give Snow that candle. She tells the dead Queen that Snow loves her more than she can ever expect Regina to  loves her. In revenge, she  wants to destroy all the goodness Snow possesses. She tells the dead Queen that she will turn Snow White’s soul as black as coal.

Meanwhile back in Storybrooke:

Snow spots Cora and Regina searching for Gold’s dagger and overhears their plan to destroy Snow and her family. She returns to finds David on the floor of the police station. Hook knocked him out and took back his hook.

In New York:

The crew ( NealHenry, Emma, and Mr. Gold) are about to get on the subway when Hook shows up and stabs Gold in the chest with his poisoned hook. Gold doesn’t have much time. -They need to get him back to Storybrooke immediately, and  the quickest way back is to use Hook’s ship. A ship, Neal says, he knows how to sail.  Neal implies that he spent time in Neverland. – Who was Neal when he spent time in Neverland?Will Neal turn out to be Peter Pan? Or maybe he’s a Lost Boy?

Emma manages to get Gold to reveal the hiding spot for his dagger, and informs Snow and Charming. Once Snow finally a has her hands on the dagger hidden in the clock,  they are taken by surprise by Regina and Cora. Cora conjures up Johanna. Regina reaches into her chest and rips out her heart and offers Snow the choice: Johanna’s heart for the dagger. Snow reluctantly throws down the weapon. As a result,  Cora immediately shoves Johanna out of the window to her death.

Cora and Regina return home. Regina admits she had no idea Cora had killed Snow’s mom. Cora confirms the suspicion that she cased Snow to loose control the wild horse in order to make Regina queen. Regina seems skeptical that Cora’s motives to get Henry back to Regina are her only intentions.

In the end, Charming and Snow attend Johanna’s funeral, and Snow decides she’s tired of nice people always finishing last. Has Snow decided that the thorniest path isn’t worth the reward? Does this mean Cora has won? Has she finally turned Snow’s heart black? We will just have to wait and find out.

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