TV Korner: Once Upon a Time 2.18 – “Selfless, Brave and True”

By staff-writers - April 17, 2013

once upon a time 218 Kastor's Korner“Prove yourself brace, truthful, and unselfish, and someday, you will be a real boy.”- The Blue Fairy. Many citizens of Storybrooke should follow this advice and in episode 18 there are consequences for those who do not…

At the very start, Snow goes off into the woods hoping to cope with what happened to Cora. She discovers August,who has been living in there this whole time.August is completely made of wood and ashamed of his past choices.


Before the curse is broken, August is living in Hong Kong. Surprisingly, he is turning back to wood. To get help he visits the Dragon, a wise old Chinese man who has magic. There August meets Tamara, who is seeking the secrets of magic to help cure her cancer.

The Dragon recognizes August as Pinocchio and promises to cure his condition in trade for “an item of great value” and $10,000. While at a bar pondering how to get the money he spies the girl from the Dragon’s place, Tamara. August keeps his eyes on the cash in her purse as they chat at a bar. While she is distracted by a phone call, he takes the money and runs.

In the end, Tamara finds him and retrieves the cure and leaves him in the gutter. Tamara goes back to the Dragon. She doesn‘t have a rare cancer, but has been on a long search for magic that only turned up frauds. The Dragon is the real deal. Without hesitation, she kills him!


Snow and Marco want the Blue Fairy’s help in turning August back into a non-wooden human. The Blue Fairy cannot. She explains that he became wooden due to his own poor choices. There is nothing she can do.

Later Tamara finds August and demands he leave Storybrooke. On his way out of town, he discovers Tamara’s photo from the Dragon’ s apartment and realizes she’s up to no good. He tries to call Emma from the police station. Tamara gets there first and August finds himself in deep trouble.

But there is still some good left, August’s ultimate sacrifice for others and his refusal to give in to Tamara has turned him into a real, but younger, boy. Downside- he has no memory of what happened. No memory of Tamara’s plan.

Meanwhile, Regina recognizes Greg as Owen, the young boy who first came to Storybrooke in 1983. She tells him his father left Storybrooke a long time and she never saw him again. Greg insists that people don’t just disappear What Regina doesn’t know, however, is that Greg isn’t alone in Storybrooke. That mysterious “Her” he’s been in contact with since his arrival is Tamara. What they have in store for Storybrooke is unclear- but it doesn’t look good.

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