TV Korner: Once Upon A Time 2.21 – “Second Star to the Right”

By staff-writers - May 17, 2013

OUT 221 Kastors KornerJ.M Barrie once said, “You can have anything in life if you will sacrifice everything else for it.” What will the citizens have to sacrifice to hold on to the lives they find so dear?

The episode begins with Neal (Baelfire) letting go of his father’s hand as a childhood. He ends up in 19th century London, England.

A homeless Baelfire enters a home to eat bread since he’s hungry and finds himself in the home of Wendy Darling.Wendy tells Baelfire about magic and how a shadow visits her at night. He warns her that magic always has a price- magic destroyed his family.

Wendy doesn’t listen and goes with the shadow to Neverland. She tells Bealfire it’s wonderful there but at night the children miss their parents and the Shadow won’t let them leave. She cries and says that the shadow let her go because he wants a boy: one of her brothers. The Shadowwants to destroy the Darling family. Bealfire promises to make sure the Shadow doesn’t destroy her family.

The next night, Bealfire tries to keep the Shadow out but the Shadow finds a way in. Bealfire offers to take the place of a Darling son. The Shadow takes Bealfire to Neverland. He escapes the Shadow’s grasp by lighting a matching- making the Shadow drop him. Bealfire is ultimately rescued and pulled from the water by Hook.

Meanwhile in Storybrooke:

Emma thinks Tamara has kidnapped Regina. Neal refuses to believe her. For every bit if evidence Emma finds Neal is able to refute it. Tamara is even able to convince Neal that she went to the beach in order to prepare for a marathon. Truth is Tamara and Greg are in Storybrooke to get rid of magic and are holding Regina captive.

Meanwhile, Mary Margaret and Charming visit Rumpelstiltskin to help them find Regina.

The crew heads to the docks while Tamara spots them on video surveillance. She leaves and tells Greg to follow her once he is done. Regina enjoys telling Greg she killed his father and buried him at their camp site. Charming arrives just in time as Greg is strengthening the voltage for each shock he gives Regina.

Charming runs into Emma and Neal near the entrance. He tells them that Greg is running away and they have to find him. Just when Neal tells Emma he knew it was not Tamara who was behind all this- Tamara arrives and knocks Emma out old. She admits to Neal that it was all fake and she was doing her job. A struggle ensues. Tamara shoots Neal and opens up a portal. Neal falls down the portal, despite Emma trying to hold him back.

Although Mother Superior ultimately heals Regina, it is revealed that the gem Tamara has is key to destroying the town. Tamara and Greg have been given orders to destroy StoryBrooke. The future looks grim for Storybrooke, but only time will tell.

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