TV Korner: Once Upon a Time 3.01- “The Heart of the Truest Believer”

By staff-writers - September 29, 2013

OuT 301 Kastor's kornerOnce Upon a Time recaptures the magic in Neverland…but will unsettled differences prevent the gang from saving Henry?

When we last left StoryBrook, the town was saved. But, Tamara and Gred had kidnapped Henry while Regina and Emma saved the town. Snow, Charming, Regina, Hook and Emma had to join forces to save Henry. Neal’s fate was unknown after he fell through the portal. Could he even survive?

Season 3 opens with a flashback of Henry’s birth and the difficult choices Emma made to give him up. This seems to be something Henry and Emma will have to deal with later in the first 11 of the season. (This year OuT will be spilt into two 11 episode arcs to run without repeats)

But how are our favorite Storybrook heroes and villains since we last left them at the Season 2 Finale? Tamara and Greg have brought Henry to Neverland to meet the Home Office. With an unexpected twist, we discover Home Office is Neverland- Peter Pan. It was all a trick- Peter Pan needs Henry.

Emma, Hook, Regina, Snow and Charming are aboard the Jolly Roger on their quest to find Henry. Not only do they have mermaids and storms to face; here they are their own demons. In order to survive they must trust in each other. This is an enormous task for everyone. After all they have gone through in the past two seasons ~Can they put aside what has happened and work together?

In the Enchanted Forest, Neal is on the mends. He must rely on Princess Aurora, the Prince Phillip, Robin Hood, and Mulan to get back to Emma and Henry. His journey takes him to the Dark Ones castle where he meets Robin Hood. Will having Rumple as a father work to his advantage?

While running away from the Lost Boys in Neverland, Henry is helped by a rogue Lost Boy. Henry teaches him that anything is possible if you believe. It is Henry that believes that pixie dust can make them fly – and it does. It is only then that this wayward Lost Boy shows his true self. He is Peter Pan. And he needs Henry for reasons that are unknown. Rumple had once warned Storybrook that Peter Pan was “ someone we should all fear.” Now, Henry has found himself in a dangerous situation.

Everyone must struggle with the task of believing. Is it really enough for Emma to believe that she will find Henry? Is it really enough for everyone to believe that they can work together? Why is it so important for Peter to have the heart of the truest believer?

One thing is for certain; this season has a lot in store for its loyal viewers. A dark and thrilling ride is just beginning. As Peter Pan says, “Let’s Play!

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