TV Korner: Once Upon a Time 3.02- “Lost Girl”

By staff-writers - October 6, 2013

OUT 302 Kastor's KornerEmma must stop denying who she is; Henry’s life depends on it. Peter Pan forces Emma to come to terms with who she really is this week on Once Upon a Time.

Emma faces her biggest challenge yet. Peter Pan presents Emma with a map to Henry’s location. The map is blank until Emma embraces her true identity. Peter Pan doesn’t lie, but he loves to play. In order for Emma to win, she has to play by the rules.

Meanwhile, we flashback to The Enchanted Forrest, where Prince Charming has just rescued Snow from the sleeping curse. Now, the Evil Queen wants Snow to relinquish her claim on the kingdom. Snow chooses the easiest way and tells Charming she wants to leave. She confesses that she cannot be a leader; she is just a girl who was left in the woods. Charming helps Snow realize what she is destined to be. Using a little deception and a fake sword in the stone, Prince Charming helps Snow realize her true identity. It is because of this self realization Snow is able to stand up to the Evil Queen.

Back in Neverland, Regina has little patience for Peter Pan’s games and doubts Emma’s ability to make the map appear. She wants to use her magic. Like Emma and Snow predict, this doesn’t turn out well. They find themselves fighting Pan and Lost Boys. They weren’t supposed to use magic. They have to play the game.

Emma struggles with her own sense of identity just like her mother. After their run in with Pan, Emma confesses to Snow that here she is reminded of her past. As a child she had the look of the Lost Boys in her eyes. She grew up feeling abandoned, like she didn’t matter. She doesn’t feel like a savoir. She is a Lost Girl- an orphan. It is with this revelation that the map to Henry is finally revealed.

Throughout the episode we see that many of the Storybrook characters have shared similar moments of feeling abandoned and questioning who they really are. Rumple breaks down into tears holding the toy his father gave him before he left for good. He needs Belle to constantly remind him that he can be good. Snow is just a girl who was left in the woods who has struggle with her identity in the past. Rumple chose power over his own son Baelfire, leaving his son struggling to find a place in the world. Emma was given up in order to save the kingdom. And our story’s truest believer, Henry, may not have forgiven Emma for giving him up.

Peter Pan’s little game has turned Emma’s world upside. He has put her through physical and psychological torment just to get hints to Henry’s whereabouts. What else does Peter Pan have in store for the characters of Storybrook? What will happen when Emma and Henry are reunited?

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