TV Korner: Once Upon a Time 3.05 “Good Form”

By staff-writers - October 28, 2013

OuT 305 good form Kastor's KornerHook’s moral compass has never pointed true north. But his nightmarish past has caught up with him. Hook must decide between what is morally right and what helps him stay alive and ahead of the game.

In this weeks episode, the gang is still on the search for Henry and trying to find a way off the island. Things are looking bleak. Peter Pan keeps changing the rules. To make things even worse, the longer it takes them to find Henry, the more likely it is that Henry will loose hope and truly become lost.

With the pressure to find Henry increasing, Hook tricks the Prince into trying to find the sextant at the top of Dead Man’s Peak. Up on the Peak, Hook is confronted by Peter Pan. Yet again, Pan changes the game. He wants Hook to kill the Prince. It doesn’t matter that he is already dying. He wants him dead.

In a surprising turn of events, Hook doesn’t follow Pan’s game plan- at least not yet. Tragedy can change a man and at times adversity can change it again. Hook flashes back to his time in the Royal Navy where he served under his brother. It was here in Neverland they both met Pan and realized their King had deceived them. What the brothers thought was magical healing plant was actually the deadliest in the land. The ultimate price for the revelation…his brother’s own life.

This is a pivotal moment in Hook’s life. It is here that Hook learned, albeit the hard way, that people can deceive and cannot be trusted. He turns his back on society and turns to a life as a pirate. To plunder and pillage, he leads his crew on his newly named Jolly Roger.

While the past has finally caught up with Hook while he has been in Neverland, it appears has new motives. Trying to get into Emma’s good graces, he saves the Prince. But it has the same consequences Hook’s brother faced. In exchange for the change to live, the Prince must stay on Neverland forever.

Hook has always battled with demons, having to struggle between what is truly right and what is right for his own welfare. Putting others before himself ultimately brought him pain and suffering. His feelings for Emma has made him at least put her first. Pan knows this all too well and throws in the final monkey wrench of the night. Neal, is alive and in Neverland. Hook knows how this will affect Emma and what is ultimately means for him.

Will Neal’s presence on the island shake Hook of his latest effort to be part of a team or will he revert to his past bad form? Only time will tell. Hopefully everything falls into place before Neverland and Peter Pan start to change Henry too.

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