TV Korner: Once Upon a Time 3.06- “Ariel”

By staff-writers - November 6, 2013

Once upon a time 306Everyone wants a happy ending. But sometimes the pasts can get in the way. Can our beloved fairytale heroes trust in the truth and let hope in the future bring them a happy ending or is Peter Pan still pulling the strings?

In this week’s episode, everyone is trying to find their way to their own happy ending. Emma secretly hopes that Hook is right and Neal is still alive. Rumple struggles with the choice of continuing on his quest to save Henry or to start over with Belle back in Storybrook. Hook is trying not to get his hopes up with Emma. And as Snow tells Emma all happy endings begin with hope.

With everyone hiding his or her personal secrets, we have a flashback to Snow’s past. We discover that while on the run from the Evil Queen, Snow is rescued by Ariel. Ariel, like our friends back in Neverland, is trying to find her happy ending. She has fallen in love with Prince Eric but doesn’t know how to make that happen. Ever faithful Snow believes the best way to win the Prince’s heart is by telling the truth.

Telling the truth frightens Ariel. She tries to summon Ursala. Unbeknownst to her, the Evil Queen has disguised herself as Ursala and tricks Ariel into turning Snow into a mermaid. Instead of believing that truth would give her a happy ending, Ariel tries to take the easy way out. Ultimately, the easy way puts everyone in danger. Ariel turns her back on the Evil Queen’s promises and saves Snow, once again, from the Evil Queen. Ariel chooses her friendship with Snow over any lie that would let her win the Prince.

Back in Neverland, the quest for a happy ending continues with a heavy heart. Regina reveals to Rumple the truth behind his visions of Belle. Peter Pan is truly a chess master in this Neverland game. It is his shadow disguised as Belle who has been leading Rumple astray this whole time.

Regina and Rumple are used to being the ones in control. Having Pan being the mastermind behind the scenes does not set well with them. Despite their twisted past, Regina seeks the help of Ariel to turn the tables. Will Ariel trust Regina and her promises and help her? Only time will tell.

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