TV Korner: Once Upon a Time 3.07- “Dark Hollow”

By staff-writers - November 17, 2013

OUT 306It’s a return to Storybrooke as Operation Save Henry goes into its next phase. While Belle and the rest of Storybrooke fight to protect the town from visitors from Central Office, Emma and the crew are fighting personal demons caused by their own dark secrets.

Secrets pile on top of secrets in tonight’s episode.Emma has already confessed her love to Neal. Although not to be undone, Hook, with a false sense of humility, tells Neal about his shared kiss with Emma creating an unspoken tension. It is this tension that almost becomes Neal’s and Hook’s undoing. While in the Dark Hollow looking for Pan’s shadow, Neal and Hook become so focused on out doing each other they put not only their lives but Emma’s life at risk. Thankfully, Emma has one more secret – she can conjure light. Hook’s secret made them vulnerable to the darkness in Neverland, Emma’s literally brought them light. Their glimmer of hope? Trapping Pan’s shadow  finally gives them away off the island.

On the other side of the island, secrets are forged and sent across the seas. Rumple and Regina want to destroy Pan for good. Their answer is back in Storybrooke. But this secret weapon is exactly that- secret. Always suspicious, Pan has ears everywhere. Rumple must not utter a word.

With Regina’s promise to help find her prince, Ariel goes on a mission for Rumple. She travels back to Storybrooke with the hope Belle can understand Rumple’s vague message and find the secret device. Despite all the secrecy, it is hope and love that allows Belle to discover Rumple’s secret hiding spot for the one weapon to defeat Pan- Pandora’s Box.

Back at Pan’s camp, Henry reveals that he know Pan is hiding something. Always the game master, Pan uses his own secret weapon to control Henry. He decides to use his prisoner, Wendy Darling. There is definitely something twisted in their past for he has kept her in  a  cage for all these years. Pan knows Henry’s weakness. Moral and truthful, Henry would never put his personal gain in front of the welfare of another. Believing that Wendy is sick because magic is dying, Henry decides to do whatever Pan tells him.

Regina and Rumple have Pandora’s Box. Peter is off to Skull Rock. Darkness is about to  unleashed. Henry is at the center of it all. Time will only tell what the fates have in store for him.

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