TV Korner: Once Upon a Time 3.08- “Think Lovely Thoughts”

By staff-writers - November 20, 2013

OuT 307With plots twists and secrets revealed, Henry’s family tree just got a little more complicated.

Rumple’s past has always been filled with dark secrets and choices made based on greed and selfishness. Ever since he arrived in Neverland, he has struggle with thoughts about his father.This week, we get to find out why.

Flashback to the Enchanted Forest. Here a young rumple watches his father try to swindle and con people in a game a chance. His father’s luck finally runs out and is revealed as a cheat and a coward. Desperate, Rumple’s father drops his son off at the home of two women who teach him how to spin straw while he waits for his father to return.

The women are warn Rumple that he cannot trust his father. The women give Rumple a magic bean and a way to start his life over. Rumple doesn’t heed their warning and goes to start a new life with his father.

Here, we see the parallel histories of Neal and Rumple. Young rumple begs his father to give up his evil ways and come with him. After some convincing, his father agrees. He talks of a wonderful world he created as a boy- a place called Neverland. Even in fairy tales history repeats itself.

Rumple’s father confesses he created Neverland to escape the horrors of living with his father. His best memories from his childhood dreams are of flying but he needs pixie dust. On his journey to find pixie-dust, the Neverland shadow appears. Just when it seems Rumple’s father is doomed, he lands safely next to his son.

Rumple ‘s father tries to explain that in order to be happy he must be young. Unfortunately for Rumple his father must be childless to be young. As the shadow pulls young Rumple away, a green light surrounds his father. His father’s young form is Peter Pan, Rumple’s cowardly father.

Pan flies to Skull Rock with the shadow. Skull Rocks houses the giant hourglass that keeps track of how long Peter has until his youth runs out. Now that the hourglass is almost finished Peter Pan has only one way to stay young – the heart of the truest believer.

Back in present day Neverland, Emma,Regina, Snow, Charming, and Rumple go to Skill Rock in search of Henry and Pan. Rumple forges ahead in hoped of capturing Pan. But Rumple’s plan fails. Instead of capturing Pan inside of Pandora’s box, Rumple finds himself imprisoned.

As the rest of the gang catches up, they try their hardest to convince Henry that Pan is lying-Henry will die. The ever willful Henry, wanting to be a hero like his family has Shawn him, wants to make the greatest sacrifice -truly believing he is helping save magic. He hands over his heart to Pan and collapsed.

What will happen now that Pan is immortal? Can the gang out wit the game Master? Only time will tell.

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