TV Korner: Once Upon a Time 3.09- “Save Henry”

By staff-writers - December 26, 2013

ONCEUPONATIME_Y3_D309Just when you think Operation Save Henry is finally closed, Pan decides to throw in a major game changer.

Episode nine begins with a flashback to Regina at the start of her curse. Rumple warns her that magic comes with a price and ultimately she will want something from him.

As time goes by, Regina feels empty. Revenge has been all she wanted but it hasn’t given her everything. Her life is incomplete. She goes to Rumple to ask for a child. Through a course of lucky events, Regina is able to adopt a young baby boy, her Henry.

It is here that the cold evil queen shows her warmer side. Regina has played the second hand rose since Henry discovered Emma was his birth mother. However in this week’s episode Regina shows she truly loves and cares for Henry.

With her strong connection to Henry no longer a doubt, the episode flashes forward. Regina puts a preservation spell over Henry as they gang heads out to grab Peter Pan.

Pan never plays fair so it is to be expected that playing by the rules will not save Henry. Regina uses her evil nature to do what is right and reaches straight into Pan to take back Henry’s heart.

All seems to be well as everyone boards the Jolly Roger; most of the Lost Boys have agreed to go home, Rumple is free of Pandora’s Box, Prince Charming reflects that they have done what he thought was impossible- they worked together, and Henry is healing. To add to the safety measures, Regina puts a protection spell on Henry that will keep anyone from stealing his heart again.

But out from the shadows lurks a danger. Pan has come back to steal what he thinks is rightfully his- the heart of the truest believer. Foiled by Regina’s protection spell, Pan resorts to capturing Henry’s shadow. Rumple comes to the rescue as he traps Pan in Pandora’s Box. But hold on- What was that twinkle in Pan’s eyes?

Seems Pan had one last trick up his sleeve. At the very last moment Pan switched places with Henry. Henry trapped in Pandora’s Box and Pan is ready to play.

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