TV Korner: Once Upon a Time 3.10- “The New Neverland”

By staff-writers - December 26, 2013

ONCEUPONATIME Y3 D310With everyone returning safely back to Storybrooke, it is just a matter of time until Pan starts to play. And this new game may change Storybrooke forever.

On the surface this week’s episode starts with a warm town reunion. Unfortunately, there is something darker underneath the surface. It isn’t until Emma notices Henry’s strange behavior that Pan’s disguise starts to unravel.

Flashback to Snow and Prince’s honeymoon- Snow is determined to get back at Regina and decides to go searching for Medusa. Thankfully Prince Charming knows Snow better than anyone. He decides to help Snow on her quest. She is determined and willing to do what it takes. No one could ever talk her out of it.

Snow wants to rid her world of evil. How could anyone raise a child in a world where the Evil Queen was lurking around every corner? It isn’t until she almost looses her Prince Charming that she realizes the truth. There will always be evil in the world. It is up to everyone else to make good moments and to cherish those moments. If she gave in to her revenge, evil would have won.

Later that night back in Storybrooke, Henry (aka Pan) releases his shadow and sends it out over Storybrooke. The gang witnesses Pan’s shadow attack the Blue Fairy. They believe that Pan is controlling the shadow from inside Pandora’s box. There cannot be any other rational explanation. No one suspects that Henry isn’t who appears to be. Rumple comes up with a plan to take Pandora’s box outside of Storybrooke’s borders and do away with him.

Rumple opens the box to release Pan with Emma ready at the gun.Thankfully Emma’s intuition is right on target when she realizes that Henry is trapped inside Pan’s body. But that means Pan has had the run of Storybrooke from the beginning. What is his plan?

Emma struggles run parallel to her mother’s during the quest to find Medusa. The world is full of evil, but Emma cannot spare any time enjoying the good moments. If she is to save the town, she cannot take a day off.

Ultimately the crew discovers that Pan has stolen Regina’s original curse on Storybrooke. The camera pans out of Storybrooke and up onto the hills and we see Pan standing strong with Felix at his side. With the curse in hand Pan plans to take away everyone’s memories and restart the clock on Storybrooke. This time turning Storybrooke into the New Neverland where Pan will reign supreme once again.

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