TV Korner: Once Upon a Time 3.15- “Quiet Minds”

By staff-writers - April 2, 2014

REBECCA MADER, ROBERT CARLYLE  in ABC's Once Upon a TimeThis week’s episode of Once Upon a Time brings more questions and one untimely death.

Robert Louis Stevenson once wrote “Quiet minds cannot be frightened but go on in fortune or misfortune, like a clock during a thunderstorm.” A storm is brewing in Storybrooke and it is unclear how much time our heroes have.

Let’s begin in the Enchanted Forest, where Neal and Belle try to find a way to resurrect Rumpel. While looking for clues in the Dark One’s library they find a talking candelabra- Lumiére. With an “Oz-esque”-magic mirror like glow, Lumiére informs Neal and Bellethat there is a hidden key in the library and this key holds the secret to bringing Rumple back.

But the solution seems a bit too easy- and like always there is a catch. Unbeknownst to Neal and Belle, Lumiére is not a friend. He has been working with the Wicked Witch. She wants to control Rumple and everything is going according to plan.

Neal doesn’t take this information too much to heart. He has faith in his father and assumes there must be a loophole. Neal uses the key anyway and the Wicked Witch surprises him with one bit of information she forgot… The Dark One can be resurrected as long as someone else’s life is taken. In this case- Neal’s. Rumple, in an almost selfless and fatherly manner, joins with Neal in order to save his life. One body two souls- maybe one voice too many.

Meanwhile in Storybrooke, Regina is having revelations of her own.  One her search for the Wicked Witch she runs into Robin Hood. It is obvious that there is familiarity between them, but they just cannot figure out why. While searching, Regina is hit with a flashback where she remembers Tinker Bell leading the way to her one true love. It is only then that Regina realizes that Robin is indeed the love she was searching for. Like before, Regina does nothing with this knowledge and runs away.

But what of Rumple? Neal? Back in the woods, Emma runs into Neal. With the help of Belle they discover what that mysterious symbol on Neal’s hand means- he is sharing a body with his father. Neal orders Emma to separate them even though it means he’ll die. He knows he must make the ultimate sacrifice to save his son, to save her, to save the town.  Emma vows that Henry will know that his father is a hero.

Neal’s death is not in vain- Rumple is alive and he informs Emma that Zelena is the Wicked Witch and she has something wicked planned.

The episode wraps up quickly after a slow build with sad music and some crying- mostly from Emma as she morns the loss of Neal.  Emma and David go searching for Zelena but are at a loss.  Zelena is in the forest with Rumple. It doesn’t matter now that everyone knows who she is… she controls Rumple and there is so much she can do.

The episode ends with Emma telling Henry one of the reasons she brought him to Storybrooke- She wanted to help his father. He was a good man but someone hurt him. She got there too late.  Henry quickly accepts this as truth as Emma vows to find the one who did this to his father.


How will our heroes defeat the Wicked Witch while she controls the Dark One? Why does she want Snow’s baby? Only time will tell.

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