TV Korner: Once Upon a Time 3.18- “Bleeding Through”

By staff-writers - April 23, 2014

TV Korner: Once Upon a Time 3.18- "Bleeding Through"TV Korner: Once Upon a Time 3.18- "Bleeding Through"Skeletons in the closet can bring a nasty things, but can it bring a road to redemption or even hope? This week episode of Once Upon a Time shows that there are more than just ghosts in Regina and Snow’s closets.

Possessed by the ghost of Cora, Snows sees the past that Regina was desperately trying to see. Although it is not the past she wants.  Young  Cora is a  bustling bar maid. Being as ambitious in youth as she ever was, Cora falls for a young man claiming to be a prince.  When she finds herself pregnant months later, she also discovers her would be prince is a lowly gardener.  Always a self-preservationist, Cora quickly finds Prince Leopold and begins to charm him.

To Cora’s ultimate dismay, Prince Leopold is already betrothed to another, the lovely Princess Eva. With her wiles and charms, Cora convinces Leopold that the betrothal should be broken. He should marry who he truly loves, he should marry her.  Cunning, Princess Eva does not take this broken contract lightly and spreads news that Cora is already with child from another man. She traps Cora and helps the Prince catch her in the act of stealing from the castle. Their wedding is cancelled, leaving Prince Leopold free to marry Eva- Snow White’s mother.

Belle stays true to her librarian nature and finally discovers what Zelena’s ultimate plan. With Charming’s courage, Regina’s heart, and Rumple’s brain Zelena plans to travel back in time to change her past. But Rumple has already warned these curses have never worked in the past, what does Zelena have that the others did not? The key to Zelena’s success is Snow and Charming’s baby. Somehow and in someway that baby is the essential puzzle piece to change Zelena’s dark past.

Why are Princess Eva’s actions so important to Zelena?  Zelena is histrionic at best and envy has truly become the driving force behind her actions. Because of Princess Eva,  Cora was forced to give up Zelena or forever just be a miller’s daughter. When the curse is finally cast, Zelena can change time, she can prevent Eva from marrying Leopold and thus prevent Snow, Emma, and Henry from ever being born.  If Cora marries Leopold, Zelena would have become a princess and earned her mother’s heart. Regina would not be in the picture.

Through all this darkness comes the one thing that can save Storybrooke- hope. Snow and Regina realize their pasts are more connected than they have ever imagined. They both realize that sometimes there is not all evil and all good, but that sometimes the idea of what is right and what is wrong can be complex. All one can hope for is to seek forgiveness, redemption and move forward to save what is truly important.

With our heroes looking hopefully toward the future, and Zelena looking longingly to change the past, who will win? Can Storybrooke prevent a reboot that could ultimately destroy them all?

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