TV Korner: Once Upon a Time 3.19- “A Curious Thing”

By staff-writers - May 1, 2014

TV Korner: Once Upon a Time 3.19- "A Curious Thing"Just when you thought all the puzzle pieces are starting to fall into place on Once Upon a Time- Storybrooke gets turned upside down.

This week our heroes find out more about their missing year than they bargained for. The episode opens with Zelena, wicked as always, threatening Snow’s baby. Life in the Enchanted Forest was not much different than their current life in Storybrooke. Not ones to let someone else determine their fate, the gang goes to find Rumple to find out if there is any way to defeat Zelena at her own game.  They find him, apparently mad, housing two minds, babbling in a cage. All they can make out is that they need “light magic” and he mentions Glenda the Good Witch.

Back in Storybrooke, the gang is also trying to brainstorm. Why? Why didn’t Zelena just take what she wanted back in the Enchanted Forest? Why did they return to Storybrooke?~ Their one conclusion- they must have gotten to close to discovering Zelena’s weakness and she erased their memories and sent them back. Oh, how wrong they are!

Flashback to the missing year and Glenda has revealed that Zelena’s power can be found in a pendant. It can only be removed from someone with powerful light magic, created from love. Only with this pendant removed can Zelena be defeated. All signs point to Emma. It wasn’t Zelena who enacted the Dark Curse- it was Snow and Charming!

Meanwhile back in Storybrooke, Hook, ever trying to play the part of a new hero, tries to send Henry away. Obviously, he is trying to keep Henry away from Zelena’s grips but the plan is foolhardy. Hook, Smee , and Henry are attacked by Zelena’s flying monkeys. Charming, Regina, and Emma finally rescue them. After the melee,  Emma convinces Henry that he has to believe- if he wants all the answers, if he wants to know the truth- he has to believe in magic. She hands him the book of fairy tales and his memory curse is broken. He remembers everything.

But this is not where our Storybrooke friends get their happy ending. Zelena is smart, and quick. She tries to take Henry’s life in exchange for Hook’s failure to complete his mission. Emma, being forever the protective mother, is able to attack Zelena with light and Henry is released.

With the citizens from Storybrooke released from the curse, Emma turns on Hook. Was he working with Zelena this whole time? Even has Hook tries to explain himself; Emma can no longer trust him. Snow and Charming point out they did not send the memory potion to Hook. They did not send him on a mission to return her to Storybrooke. A quick flashback shows us the truth. It was not Snow or Charming. Neal gave up his right to remember in order for Emma to return and save them all.


While we now know more about the missing year in the Enchanted Forest, some big questions are still left unanswered. We know why Zelena despises Emma, but what does she want with the Charmings’ baby? Why is the baby such a crucial piece to her time traveling spell?  Will more be revealed when Dorothy drops in to the story? Only time will tell.

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