TV Korner: Once Upon a Time 3.20 & 3.21- Season Finale

By staff-writers - May 13, 2014

TV Korner: Once Upon a Time 4.20 & 4.21- Season FinaleThe Once Upon a Times double-episodic finale brings new arrivals, changes, and possibly unforeseen endings.

This week took Hook and Emma Swan on a time traveling adventure Back to the Future style- even a quick Marty McFly reference.  While getting ready for the baby-naming ceremony, family tensions run high when Emma mentions moving back to New York City, the one place she thinks she can call home.  Though Snow and Charming are heart broken, Emma storms off. Hook runs after her caring Henry’s book of fairy tales.  Emma tries to explain to Hook that Storybrooke is not home, home is a place you miss – she doesn’t think she will miss Storybrooke. Amidst this revelation, Zelena’s time travel portal opens up. Emma being the ever investigator, goes back to check things out. In true Storybrooke fashion, Emma and Hook get sucked into the portal and find themselves back in time only minutes before Snow and Charming first meet.

Then the true fun of the season finale begins. Once Emma and Hook land in the Enchanted Forest, the pacing and the dialogue make this journey back in time a blast. Emma witnesses how evil Regina was as the Evil Queen, her mischievous bandit Snow White, and the shocking appearance of Rumple. Not to mention Emma’s distaste, and Hook’s enjoyment, of the corset.

Going back in time always has its cost and Emma has to find out the hard way. She accidentally interferes in her parents’ meeting and must scramble to get the story back on track before all is lost- even her. Emma seduces the “past Hook” so that “present day Hook” could sneak on his ship and speak to Snow. All the while, “present day Hook” gets just a little jealous.  Under Rumple’s suggestion, the plan to get Snow and Charming back on the right track, Emma heads to Prince Charming’s Ball. It is the first time Emma has ever felt like a princess. It seems to hint back to Emma’s statement in Storybrooke that she never felt that she had a part in Storybrooke’s past since she was never grew up in the Enchanted Forest.

After a few trials and major errors- from Emma getting thrown into Regina’s jail and sentenced to death, to Regina capturing Snow and lightening her on fire, time fixed itself. Snow and Charming began their path to true love.  Hook and Emma return (with an extra in tow) to see Rumple. But it seems they hit a glitch-Rumple cannot help them. He has a wand that might help, but it can only be used with someone who welds great power. Frustrated by them all, Rumple banishes all of them into his dark vault. A vault, he warns, that contains magic he does even want to touch. While trapped in the vault,  Emma finds her magical power and help the trio escape back into the future. But bringing some of from the past back to Storybrooke? Someone who is supposed to be dead- will have terrible consequences.

The last ten minutes things really pick up and storylines get tied up just a tad bit too quickly. Snow and Charming announce they are naming their son Neal, after the man that fathered their grandson. Everyone seems delighted with this decision-even Emma.

Rumple and Belle get married in a few quiet and very secluded section of the forest. While appearing to be a wonderful start to marital bliss, only Rumple knows that this marriage is starting off with a deeply hidden secret.  The dagger Belle has is a fake and Rumple has deceived her. A cloud of lies overshadows the most romantic moment in Belle’s story.

Outside of Granny’s, Emma confesses that Storybrooke is home. She didn’t truly understand, didn’t truly miss home until she had to spend time with her parents, save them, and have them not recognize her. She had saved them and lost them all at the same time. This sparks the romantic flame between both Hook and Emma – a new couple is formed.

Being two sides of the same coin, while Emma’s love life blossoms, Regina’s quickly fades. The mysterious woman Emma saves from the Evil Queen’s cell? She is none other than Maid Marian – Robin Hood’s wife and mother of his child.  It is an emotional reunion for the family. Maid Marian long thought dead, was brought back alive by Emma. Like mother, like daughter. It appears Regina’s bitterness and scorn has returned as yet another love of her life is taken away from her. The woman just can’t catch a break. It seems like the old Regina might just return. Her parting words for Emma are a warning. Marian better be the only thing Emma and Hook brought back from the past.

And with those final words comes the biggest clue of the entire finale.  In the final scene, a shiny blue liquid pours from the urn that was sucked into the portal from the Dark Vault.  The blue liquid morphs into ice and a blonde woman in a blue dress appears. She takes off her gloves and shows off her icy powers, the ground freezing as she walks past. The ominous music hints that this icy fairytale princess might be a villain. Could this be Disney’s newest princess Elsa? If it is, will it be the Elsa Disney fans have fallen in love with or will she reflect the darker, timeless, Snow Queen from the Hans Christian Anderson tale? Guess we will have to wait for the fall to find out.





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