TV Korner: Once Upon a Time 3.20- “Kansas”

By staff-writers - May 7, 2014

TV Korner: Once Upon a Time 3.20- “Kansas”The concept of destiny has been contemplated since before the Ancient Greeks- But is destiny really written in permanent ink, never to change? Or do favorite storybook characters both heroes and villains have chance to rewrite their futures?

We find Rumple spinning away ultimately allowing Zelena to make a gold cast of Rumple’s brain.  Zelena now has courage, a brain, and heart. The only thing missing? -The Charmings’ newborn baby. With Emma’s power gone thanks to a CPR “kiss” to save Hook’s life and Regina’s inability to harm Zelena, the Wicked Witch quickly takes control over the hospital. Despite everyone’s best efforts, Zelena is able to take the new born babe and leave to cast her curse.

During her efforts to cast the perfect time traveling curse, we flashback to Zelena’s time with Glenda, the good witch. She invites Zelena to meet up with her sister witches and take up the vacant seat at their table.  There is love, wisdom, courage, and to the west there is innocence. Glinda also serves as the keeper of the Book of Records. In it is the prophecy that a cyclone that would deliver a powerful sorceress to complete their table. She leaves out the part about this sorceress being dethroned by another

Meanwhile another cyclone arrives in Oz. This time brining beloved Dorothy Gale. e? Dorothy accidently defeats Zelena with water- or so everyone thought.

After a trip down the yellow brick road to meet the Wizard, Dorothy goes home with three clicks of her heels. Even though Oz seems like a wondrous place, there is no place like home. Once Dorothy is gone, the curtain drops to reveal Zelena.  Zelena’s rage increases and she banishes Glinda to the North.

Back is Storybrooke the entire resolution speeds by quicker than viewers can blink. Zelena is quickly defeated – Regina finally taking control of her own destiny uses her newly found white magi, completing her journey from villain to heroine, Snow and Charming’s baby is returned to his loving parents. Rumple regains control of his dagger and formally proposes to Belle. But he is still up to his old tricks and returns to Zelena’s cell to enact his revenge- Neal will not have died in vain.

But does Dorothy’s encounter with the Wicked Witch give viewers a hint of what fate will bring to Storybrook? Is all what it seems? After being stabbed by Rumple, Zelena crumbles and a column of green smoke snakes out from Regina’s crypt and travels to the compass still drawn on the dirt floor. The time traveling portal Zelena created has officially opened! Only time will tell what fairytale world we will find our heroes in next

Ding Dong the witch is dead… ?

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