TV Korner: Once Upon a Time 4.06 – “ Family Business”

By staff-writers - November 7, 2014

OUT 406Nothing weighs on us so heavily as a secret. The secrets in Storybrooke are starting to break our heroes’ backs.

This episode centers on the one character we would never suspect as a great secret keeper. Belle has been carrying around a dark memory, one that she is reluctant to share. One that she keeps from everyone. While this may seem out of character, Belle’s motivation seems pure. Shame seems to be her motivation. She has a reputation in Storybrooke, and this memory is her moment of weakness. Belle is wracked with guilt with her past misdeed. She just wants to help Elsa- just like she tried to help Anna.

Elsa and Anna discover that their mother even kept secrets. Their mother had two sisters, Helga and Ingrid.  We know Ingrid became the now famous Snow Queen, but nothing is known of the whereabouts of Helga. What happened? Why did they want the town to forget?

The Snow Queen’s secret? She is the grandmaster in this game of Kings and Queens and pawns. Rumple discovers that the Snow Queen has more secrets than before. She knows that Emma discovered the video tape. This seems to be all part of her plan. The Snow Queen is believes in the prophecy that says a savior named Emma will become her sister. She wants the perfect family and there doesn’t seem to be anything that can stand in her way. But what does she have to gain with possession of a new family?

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