TV Korner: Once Upon a Time 4.13 “Darkness on the Edge of Town”

By staff-writers - March 1, 2015


While Elsa’s icy touch is still alive and well in New England, the cold has left Storybrooke. Our heroes get to relish in, although short lived, something close to peace and quiet.  Just when all seemed be sunshine and rainbows, the Queens of Darkness arrive with a very important stowaway. 

Everyone wants his or her happy endings including Rumple. He has enlisted the help of his “favorite” queens, Ursula and Cruella de Vil. Back in NYC they were nobodies. People didn’t fear them; people didn’t know their names. However, Rumple reminds them that they do deserve their happy endings and he knows exactly how to get it. And with his new recruits in two, Storybrooke is about to get a little shaken up.

Meanwhile, Belle found a professor to translate a spell that would release the fairies from the Sorcerer’s hat. But, like with all things magical, it came with a price. Regina accidentally releases the Fantasia villain Chernobog, which seeks out the person whose heart has the most potential to do evil. In a, albeit somewhat predicable, twist the Chernobog hunts down Emma, not Regina.

The Queens of Darkness are able to bargain their way in to Storybrooke by promising a way to get rid of the Chernobog.  After being warned by Snow and Charming, Regina and Emma decide to use the Snow Queen’s scroll to allow Ursula and Cruella into Storybrooke. What they evil they bring with this is still unknown. The only person who seems to know everything is Rumple.

With the help of Ursula and Cruella, Rumple is able to easily reverse Belle’s powerful dagger banishment by using the Snow Queen’s scroll.  Things seem just a little too convenient for both sides. Rumple, Cruella, and Ursula only need one more person to make their gang complete- Maleficent! Can Rumple bring her back from the dead?

The final big development, Emma having a heart capable of great darkness, has the potential to make her complex and complicated character. With this building in the storyline, it hopefully will had some interesting twists and turns, bringing some depth to the Storybrooke arc.

As the second half of the season begins, we are still left with a lot of questions. Who is the Sorcerer? Who is the Author? What happened between Ursula, Cruella,Charming, and Snow? And how will Emma handle her new potential?


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