TV Korner: Once Upon a Time 4.19 “Sympathy for the De Ville”

By staff-writers - April 19, 2015


Ursula was evil with a heart of goodness buried inside- can the same be said about Cruella? What made Cruella the evil thing she is today? One thing is certain after this episode, “if she doesn’t scare you no evil thing will.”

Cruella De Ville has always been known a puppy murdering madwoman. Her origin and history with the Author is even more disturbing. In all fairytales, magic has its price. The Author, blessed or some may say cursed, with the ability to make anything he writes come true has a lot of power. And as the saying goes, with great power comes great responsibility -Advice that the Author does no take to heart. The Author himself has a pivotal role in Cruella’s rise to power and the wickedness she brings to Storybrooke.

The Author falls for Cruella and her charms and naiveté. He is the rescuer to her damsel in distress.  While he is falling head over heels, he reveals his gifts to her and she uses them against him. On the surface it looks like he was good at heart until it was broken. However, on a closer look, it is his arrogance and pride that ultimately leads to his turning evil.

Throughout everything, the Author and Cruella have kept a single secret. After she betrays him, the Author writes that she cannot kill another living thing. It is Rumple’s ultimate plan to use this fact to his advantage- it is his secret weapon to turn Emma ‘s heart dark.

Back in Storybrooke, Cruella is holding Henry hostage.  Emma goes on the rampage and heads to the forest. There she confronts Cruella is an ultimate stalemate. Cruella is holding Henry hostage which a gun to his chest on the edge of a cliff. Emma must make a decision: to stay behave as a hero would or kill Cruella to save her son. She does what any mother would do and save her child from a madwoman.

Here is where there is a flaw in the logic. Emma’s savior heart will blacken if she commits and evil act. Killing someone who is defenseless is an evil act. Cruella places a gun to Henry’s chest and holds him close to the end of cliff. Cruella is not defenseless. While it is written that she cannot kill another living thing, this does not make Cruella an innocent. Emma behaves like a hero and saves her child for what is perceived to be a mortal threat. How can this turn Emma’s heart black? Compared to what her parents have down- Emma is still a hero.

Overall, as a character study and origin tale of Cruella the episode runs well. Cruella is the ultimate in evil. She was a murderess before magic entered her life and magic only made her stronger. She is 100% evil- no excuses. And to top it off, Cruella relishes in her evilness. Hopefully Rumple’s plan and the reasons why Emma’s heart is turning black will follow a more logical progression.

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