TV Korner: Once Upon a Time 5.1 “The Dark Swan”

By staff-writers - October 1, 2015


Now that the house that the mouse built owns Star Wars, it was very apparent in the Once Upon a Time Season Opener.

The battle for Emma’s soul has only just begun as she travels to the dark side. While season 5 picks up where we left our heroes last May, Emma is on an epic quest of her own. With her mentor, Rumple, trying to guide her Emma finds herself in the forest clad in earthen colored robes being tested at every corner. She must unwillingly undergo both a physical and emotional journey, under the tutelage of her new mentor. He knows she will want to fight the darkness, and sets her up so that she has to use her dark side to achieve her goals. In order to save her family and friends she must fine Merlin. But it looks like the only way she can find Merlin is to use dark magic.

The Star Wars references don’t end there! Hook mentions wookies when he makes plans with Henry to ask Zelena for help. Zelena even resorts to cutting off her own hand to release the enchanted cuff. It is probably a good thing she had magic to reattach it.

Not only were we treated to Star Wars references but also two new characters were introduced. Merida meets Emma on her way to save her brothers. Fortunately for her, the rest of Storybrooke arrives to stop Emma from ripping out her heart. Merida even thanks Emma for reminding her that everyone has a little of the dark side in them. It is just what they choose to do with it that matters in the end.  Once all that seems to be put behind them, King Arthur arrives on the scene to inform them they have been a part of Merlin’s prophecy for a very long time.

The episode ends with an unexpected time jump. Our heroes have been gone for 6 weeks and return to Storybrooke without their memories. In all the chaos Emma appears, dressed head to toe in pitch-black robes, fully embraces the dark side.

What has happened these past 6 weeks? Only Emma knows and she doesn’t seem to be letting anyone in on the secret. Regina someone lost control over the dagger that Emma now possesses. Did they ever find Merlin? One thing is for certain; the Dark Side looks good on Emma. With so many villains turning “too good”, as Hook puts it, the show was missing some truly dark characters. Now that the savior has turned, this is looking like a really interesting season!

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