TV Korner: Once Upon a Time 4.10- “Shattered Sight”

By staff-writers - December 8, 2014

out 410It is the calm before the storm and Storybrooke is about to be shattered. In a world of dark magic and evil queens, can a wishing star hold any power at all?

The citizens of Storybrooke are preparing for the Snow Queen’s curse. A curse that will turn loved ones against one another. Our Storybrooke heroes decide the best way to survive is to try and leave town. But even using brute force against the ice wall doesn’t help- it just makes the wall stronger. In response, everyone decides to split up. Hook, still under Rumple’s control,  goes to the pier to see if there’s a water-bound way to get free of the city. Snow and Charming have to rally the townsfolk, and tell them to do whatever it takes to keep them from hurting each other. Each one deciding to what to do to save them from themselves; get locked up, locked away, even protective spells. Mr. Gold seals Belle in the shop, Regina casts a spell to protect Henry before sealing herself in her vault, and Snow and Charming locked themselves up in separate cells leaving baby Neal in Emma’s care.

Ultimately they come to believe only Emma and Elsa can stop the spell of Shattered Sight – but with some inside information from the fairies – only Anna holds the key- if only they could find her.

In the end Elsa’s determination to find her sister is what will save or destroy Storybrooke. She takes the necklace to find Anna instead of letting the fairies destroy it for the cure. However, that necklace turns out to be the Wishing Star granting Elsa’s wish to be reunited with her sister. Anna and Kristoff, after recently thrown off the Jolly Roger in a trunk by Blackbeard, arrive in Storybrooke. Meanwhile, Hook, on Mr. Gold’s order, traps the fairies into the sorcerer’s hat. This seals the deal- even with Anna back, the fairies aren’t around to create the cure.

While the three, Anna, Elsa, and Emma, are immune to the curse there doesn’t seem like there is much they can do while the darkness descends upon the town. Snow and Charming hold hands through their cell bars as the curse hits. They immediately stop holding hands, a darkness in their eyes. If the curse can destroy the love shared between two pieces of the same heart, a heart that overcame death, what other evil can the Shattered Sight cause?

While the town of Storybrooke begins to loose all hope- Elsa truly believes that faith and magic can lead the way out. But can one little star over power a Snow Queen? Can anyone survive the effects of the spell?

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