TV Korner: Once Upon a Time 5.02- “The Price”

By staff-writers - October 17, 2015

`Week two of Once Upon a Time looks to Marvel for its inspiration. As Emma’s destiny seems to be paved in dark forces amongst the stars.

It appears Storybrooke’s only chance to survive is to guard each other, listen to some good music, and hang on to each other.

King Arthur is forgiving; Camelot is a place for new beginnings after all. But, even though Regina comes clean about her life as the evil queen, she still pretends to be the savior. When Percival discovers who she really is, he makes an attempt on her life, stabbing Robin instead. Regina pleads for Emma to help save Robin. In order to do so, she has to resort to using her black magic. It is now, Rumple reminds Emma, all magic comes with a price, and Regina will be the one to pay.

As we dive deeper into Camelot and the new status quo of Storybrooke, a lot of things are starting to unravel. Emma, fully embracing and owning her darkness, warns Regina about horrible things that are coming. Regina, still questioning her place in Storybrooke, is hit hard by consequences she unwilling put into motion back in Camelot. To top it off, Camelot has arrived in Storybrooke as refugees. The one thing missing? Excalibur.  We all know that if Camelot came to Storybrooke, so did this powerful sword. Only question is, where is it?

Back in Storybrooke, the Fury comes to collect Regina’s debt- the life of Robin Hood. The one way to save him, is for Regina to sacrifice her life. She asks the fury to take her life to the underworld instead of Robins.  Snow and Charming must have just watched Guardians of the Galaxy on DVD, when they join hands with Regina and overwhelm the Fury.  They save they day and Regina proves that she can in deed protect the town.

The lines between good and evil are getting blurry. Regina is saving the town and Emma is embracing all that is dark. Now with Rumple’s guidance, Emma knows that her ultimate power depends on the joining of Excalibur with the Dark One’s dagger. Now we just have to see how far Emma will travel down this pitch black road and what is she willing to do to continue?

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