TV Korner: Once Upon a Time 5.03- “Siege Perilous”

By staff-writers - October 18, 2015


Arthur Ashe once said,  “Success is a journey, not the destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome.”

Truer and wiser words have never been spoken. So why does King Arthur, the symbol for justice and equality, more concerned about what prize is gained?Is this King truly the hero he appears to be?

While Emma is on a mission get Excalibur, King Arthur and Prince Charming go on the great an epic quest, both in Storybrooke and back in Camelot. While in Camelot, the two noble princes must look for the magic mushroom to help free Merlin. During this quest,  the writers have once again begin to blur the line between good and evil. We see David heroically defend himself only to loose the magic mushroom. Or did he? As it turns out, King Arthur, looking to protect his kingdom has kept the mushroom for himself.  Maybe he wasn’t kidding when he said that the journey isn’t the most important part of the quest.

Back in Storybrooke, David and King Arthur are again on a quest to find a thief. When the culprit turns out to be King Arthur’s squire, the King does not hesitate to throw him in jail. Behind David’s back, the King visits his confused squire, after all he was just doing what the King asked, and convinces him to take his life for the kingdom. Is this honorable? What has happened to the King Arthur of legend? By making the most noble knight in all of myth and legend untrustworthy, anything is possible.

There are so many questions. Is Arthur truly a bad guy? If the roles were reverse and our Storybrooke heroes were lost in Camelot would we question David’s motives? How is Lancelot alive? What does he know about King Arthur? By turning good and evil around once more and changing archetypes, Once Upon a Time has refreshed a storyline that will keep the viewer watching.



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