TV Korner: Once Upon a Time 5.04- “The Broken Kingdom”

By staff-writers - October 19, 2015

onceCamelot may not be what it seems. The way things look after this episode, it may never have been all an illusion.

In the land of truth, honesty, and loyalty, it is in Camelot where lies, deceit, and betrayal run wild.  Flashing back to Arthur’s childhood, this once and future king speak of the half-truths Merlin has told him. Though he is teased and taunted, he promises Guinevere she will be the queen of a majestic kingdom. But this legend, it tainted. Excalibur is broken, and in the hands of the Dark One. This broken sword is the one thing standing in the way of making Camelot whole again. Arthur vows to do to whatever that takes, even if that means sacrificing his marriage to Guinevere.

This new king has his dark flaws. He lies and manipulates his friends, his loyal subjects, while using magical dust to drug his own wife so that she remains faithful. The man betrays her she once loved. This is not the first time Once Upon a Time has turned things upside down and made iconic symbols of good the evil villains. But will this outcome turn out like the others. Will karma sneak back and give King Arthur he own punishment? Or is this somehow responsible for Emma’s complete turn to the dark side?

Trust plays a pivotal role in episode. David and Mary Margaret are at odds on whether or not to trust the King. Once they call Arthur out on his own manipulations, the great king makes his wife put them under a magic enchantment. Meanwhile, Lancelot, betrayed the woman he loves, finds he is locked in the dungeon. All might seem lost, until he find himself in the company of another prisoner, Merida.

It is not only Camelot that is broken. Relationships are being tested; the idea of good versus evil has been shattered and turned on its head. It appears that not only do our heroes have to save Emma from the dark side, but a lot has to be done to put all the pieces of their world back together. Can all the king’s men put this all back together again? And with Merida’s heart under control by the Dark One, do our heroes have too much  on their plate to succeed? Only time will tell. Till the next episode.

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