TV Korner: Once Upon a Time 5.10 -Broken Heart

By staff-writers - November 30, 2015


Just in time for Star Wars the Siths are coming to Storybrooke… I mean the Dark Ones.

As the season builds towards in mid season finale, secrets are revealed and things unravel. After Emma returns the memories, the truth comes out. All of Emma’s decisions are motivated by either love or fear.  She saved Killian, sacrificing all about his that is good, out of love and fear of losing him. When her plans backfire, it is fear that causes Emma to try and solve everything on her own.

Ultimately, Hook returns to his true form: the villain. His actions happened too drastically. Emma can ground him and keep him centered. But then the second he discovers that she lied about Excalibur. He refuses to hear her explanation. Understandably, he has right to feel betrayed. She turned him into a Dark One against his own wishes, so that she wouldn’t loose him.  But his shift from loving and patient to evil is drastic.

Hook is the string connecting Camelot and Storybrooke. It was because of Hook that Emma erased everyone’s memory. She wanted Hook to forget he was a Dark One. But once her deception was revealed Hook became more ruthless than ever.  But has Hook gone too far over to the Dark Side?

He crushes Merlin’s heart, setting the curse in action, and also hurting Emma. It also is the first step into opening a portal to open the underworld.  Why bring all of the Dark Ones to Storybrooke? There is an army of Dark Ones approaching Storybrooke with now real way to stop them.

What about Merlin’s advice that only Nimue can save them? What is it that we don’t know? Will there be an ultimate clash of the darkness versus the light? Maybe episode 11 will give us more clues.



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