TV Korner: Once Upon a Time 5.12- ” Souls of the Departed”

By staff-writers - March 9, 2016

onceOur Storybrooke Heroes have made their way to the Underworld to save Hook, but can they find their way back? Our heroes might just be poor unfortunate souls.


It has been a while since we spent sometime with our heroes. For the past couple weeks I have been filling the gap with a whole book haul of new retellings of fairy tales;from Queen of Hearts by Colleen Oakes to Unhooked by Lisa Maxwell. While these stories don’t include our favorite heroes they did help prepare me for the dark and uneasy feeling of the mid season opener.

Emma continues her own personal journey. While waiting to travel to the Underworld she finds herself in a dreamlike trance. She discovers that she is in her car, outside of an amusement park called Revelations. To her surprise she discovers Neal is there too. She has so many questions and so much she wants to tell him. But it is very clear; he has come to warn her not to go to the Underworld. He knows he can’t stop her but he wanted to try. He does assure her that he is in a better, brighter place and that he cannot find him during her travels. He has moved on.

Our crew, with the help of Rumple, finally arrives in the Underworld only to discover it is a darker, more twisted version of Storybrooke. Rumple reveals that it all has to do with its creator. The rules of the Underworld are unclear at first, though one stands out right away. The living should not stay too long.

Once again, the familiar arc comes back- what would you do and how far would you go for love- or even revenge?  Regina must once again confront her mother Cora and the guilt she has been carrying about what she did to her father. Rumple comes face to face with Peter Pan while Emma deals with her regrets about Neal and how she failed Hook.

The biggest reveal of the evening was Hades.  Cora was just doing his dirty work. Although she seemed to be working out of love for Regina, all her actions backfired. Hades has full control and does not like losing souls, especially to the “savior.” This is a villain unlike any Storybrooke has seen before. Dark Ones shudder at the thought of sticking around in Hades’ territory and there must be good reason.

Is there anyone who can match the power of Hades? Does our group of heroes have what it takes to survive the depths of the Underworld?

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