TV Korner: Once Upon a Time 5.20 ” Firebird”

By staff-writers - May 4, 2016


Hook and Emma’s journey to the Underworld goes full circle and we are right back to where we started. But Hades has something up his sleeve and it doesn’t seem good…

In a nut hell: Hook and Emma make a heartbreaking decision, Hades appears to make a huge sacrifice for love, and someone double-crosses the gang.  And in Rumple style, he betrayed Pan for his own selfish needs.

This episode also includes a flashback to 2009. While interesting, it slowed down the plot and feels unnecessary at this point in time. It was interesting to see how dedicated Emma was in trying to find her parents. But watching the backstory about Emma’s jacket felt unnecessary when more could have been done to add depth to the Underworld plot.

There is a lot of unearned trust going around in the Underworld. After everything that happened in the previous episode, Regina puts a whole lot of trust in Zelena. Robin thinks it is crazy, like most of the viewers. Regina tolerates Hades, for the love of her sister, and accepts his help. (Could this just be part of an evil scheme on his part?)

Hades does remove our heroes’ names from the headstones, proving that he wants them to return to Storybrooke. But he doesn’t seem the type of guy that makes a decision that doesn’t belong to some larger more complicated plan.

Some plot issues are resolved in this episode. Hades destroys the contract in exchange for Zelena. Emma prevents Pan from taking Zelena’s heart. In true love style, Hades heart starts to beat once he earns the full love of Zelena. But what does this truly mean for everyone else?

Now the portal is back up to Storybrooke, but the crew only has till sunset. Hades, feeling he has held up his end of the bargain is allowed to leave, with Zelena’s baby, to stand by the portal and wait for the rest of the crew.

Now for one surprised twist,  Emma cannot share her heart with Hook. He has been in the Underworld for too long. But, as Hades quickly adds, there is a way. To follow the path of Orpheus and Eurydice, Hook must eat ambrosia find in the very depth of the Underworld. The only way to get this? To offer Emma’s heart up judgment. Is she truly pure of heart, are her feeling for Hook true love? Her next quest is one of pure judgment.

But of course, nothing runs smoothly. Henry wants to take some time before leaving for the portal to help the people of the Underworld understand their unfinished business. Good at heart, he ends up putting the crew at risk. Cruella de Ville is out for revenge and find our heroes in a perfect spot.  With the Blind Witch aiding Cruella, the crew finds themselves trapped.

Emma and Hook’s journey begins as planned. While not 100% sure if Emma’s heart holds true love, but really who is 100% sure- if love is worth the risk you are probably on the right track, she puts her heart up for judgment. Of course, the test isn’t as it seems and her heart isn’t proven worthy until she chooses Hook’s life over her own. All the testing and sacrifice was for naught- the ambrosia is dead. This is something Hades must have known. This means the entire journey to the Underworld meant nothing. Hook must stay in the Underworld. At this one moment, it makes the entire Underworld season seem worthless, with its only purpose to bring back the old villains and to create the background for Storybrooke’s future nemesis- Hades.  Really hoping there is another plot twist coming.

Emma returns back to the crew with her devastating news. The bright side to Emma’s devastating goodbye to Hook is the fact that with her powers and Regina’s they are able to break the Blind Witch’s curse. Henry leaves the storybook with all the residents’ unfinished business. He figures they will find the book and people can still be helped. Only question, if this works, why didn’t he just do that before?


Now with Hades, Zelena, and the crew minus Hook back through the portal, what is next for Storybrooke?  Maybe Hades isn’t the one that set up Emma to fail.


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