TV Korner: Once Upon a Time 5.22-5.23: ” Only You” and “An Untold Story”

By staff-writers - May 28, 2016

onceOperation Mix Tape and the Return of Something Truly Evil

For Henry, Operation Mix Tape made perfect sense. He get to run off with the girl of his dreams and tries to save the world. He finally gets his chance to go from Author to Hero.

Things turned out to be far more complicated and yet incredibly simple. Uncharacteristically, Henry leaves most of his family stranded in the world of Untold Stories but was able to wish on a fountain in order to bring them back.

The scene has a somewhat familiar feel- like it belongs in some 1980s movie Henry, finally showing leadership abilities, stands up on the lion outside the library, and convinces everyone to throw their coins in the fountain and believe. It is New York, so there may have been a chance people just thought this was a sidewalk show.

I love when Gold uses his power to avoid the toll at the tunnel to get into the city. If I had that Jedi mind trick ability, I would use it to get out of the 15 + dollar fee!

Gold makes a deal with Mr. Hyde in the hopes of waking Belle. This just screams disaster. And now the Evil Queen has been separated from Regina and is free to wreck her own vengeance. Will she target Henry to get back at Regina? She claims the “queen is back” but how long will that last? Will we see a similar battle between selves as previous seasons or will they start something new?

In a fun turn of events, we discover that Violet’s dad in from Connecticut (my home state). He is the original Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Cour, by Mark Twain. A book I fondly, sort of, remember having to read over the summer in 8th grade. And it in the midst of it all, Henry, who we have seen grow both in height and in character, gets his first kiss.

But then, after Regina untethers magic from the crystal, who shows up on Main Street but Mr. Hyde, proclaiming, “Storybrooke is now mine,” and has brought some of his friends from the Untold Stories. This has promise that maybe the writers won’t have to keep recycling villains from seasons past.

After a very repetitive and sleepy season with the Underworld Plot, there is a lot of promise in next season. With Jekyll and his unknown crew of cronies, the Evil Queen out on her own with out Regina’s conscious to hold her back- Could this fall bring a new and exciting chapter to Once Upon a Time?

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